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  1. I'm missing a worm drive device to connect up my throttle to the speed wheel. Where could I buy one of these devices?
  2. Nati

    Unwanted Kelvin K2

    I have a Kelvin K2 that's unwanted. It's currently in my narrowboat in Aquaduct marina on hard standing. The boat has removable roof panel which would need to be opened and the K2 diconnected from the prop shaft and unbolted from the floor then craned out. You will need a hiab and be able to do this job alone as I won't be present. I wouldn't mind a bit of money toward a new engine that goes when you turn a key, any takers? Cheers.
  3. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    You see Sam this is what I was thinking to do anyway. I was thinking to replaced this engine with something that’s smaller a little bit and easier to handle. Question is will the structure of boat Handel the change ? I mean kelvin waighs 1.5 ton And newer engines don’t Weigh as much if this kelvin was there from Build then it’s part of the ballast and removing it would make the boat unstable in the water right ?
  4. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Sam ? What do you mean ? If I would like to replace this engine with new you are saying it would be disaster?
  5. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Guys I appreciate your concern and worries however I have read all the threads about IVY itself and Kelvin K2 engine on here canal world as well as many other sources. So I am very aware of what people are saying about the boat and about the engine however it’s very easy to judge without actually seeing the boat with your own eyes. I have visisted IVY and have no worries about the boat at all. Only engine is a question mark and it’s optional question mark with many ways out so I am sure I can handle it especially considering the fact that it’s not a first time I am taking on a project like it ? just very unfortunate I am not a engineer
  6. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Okay. Thank you very much for Those advice. Thank you for the contact details too. As far as I am concerne this engine has been there from the very beginning. However I can not guarantee, this information is 100 % correct and reliable simply because people could be dishonest. Inhave done my research about Kalvin engines and that’s also the reason why I am here. I am aware this engine is not a simple turn key and it gos but thank you for making sure I know this ? PaulJ and RLWP I most likely will pay for the boat first and than invest money in starting the engine. ( I Am generous but not as much ?) Thank you so much for much appreciated help once again
  7. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    There is no debate about the situation of the boat. I am interested in doing interior my own way as this is my second project so it doesn’t bother me at all. Question is can someone help me run it and find out whats wrong with the engine As of course the price is like this because of this amazing engine. Unlucky me- I just don’t know anything about it. I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks natalia
  8. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Hi guys about to buy boat with kelvin k2 engine however engine is disconnected and before I pay for the boat I want someone experience to have a look at it and hopefully connect it for me so can anyone help me find person that have a clue about this vintage engine? I know those engine are very good and I would love mine to run thank you
  9. Nati

    water tank

    thank you everyone. i got one
  10. Nati

    water tank

    Hi everyone I need advice on water tank where can i buy one from? is there any shop or webpage you would recommended ? Thanks
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