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  1. Just called sleeman and asked for a quote, I need three items headset switch water temp switch and oil pressure switch. all items for everything are cheap elsewhere. why are the charging 5x the amount of standard prices. I need advice can I buy cheap alternatives. I don't have the lister gauges, and I don't know what to do?
  2. if anyone needs it in the future youtube have a rebuild video
  3. yes please been having to read them online annoying herehttps://issuu.com/goranradic2/docs/lp_workshop_manual_part_ii cant download it
  4. ive got them all except part 2 of the electrical section
  5. I don't normally pray but I will be tonight, im going to soak it for two days with proper penetrating oil.
  6. may laugh but where abouts is the timing end cover?
  7. thanks mate gives me something to look into how to fix it
  8. could I get that out vertically if I need to replace the parts
  9. when I got the boat it was filled with rain water, after it dried run fine. but during lockdown my float failed drained the batter and filled with rain water again, it was over the starter motor so that area would of been under water with a lose nut that gear end scares me, I really don't have the money for a mechanic
  10. yeah I didn't know until my friend said about it. yes its in Portsmouth harbour
  11. there is a friend of mine in the boat club a lot more mechanically minded reading over the manual for me, I did suspect it was 58 and 53 that area, just praying it will soak down that far ive been told wd isn't a real penetrating oil, been advised to get something else
  12. Just wanted to update you all, its not worked. where the pin and nut go, its seized most likely why it sheered the pin. does any one know a way to access it. at the moment im just filling it with wd and tomorrow im buying penetrating oil, fingeres crossed it will free it self.
  13. part 55 says its a spring pin, will I need to get one or will a drill bit work just as well???
  14. im guessing the middle one, the idle does sounds like its running a bit fast. maybe trial and error with the other holes will slow it down a touch
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