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    Old historic boat . And running my boats that's full time not got much time do much else

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    Full time job running my coal boat
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    archimedes / Ara ..... Thames tug major
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    London canals and river Thames

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  1. London coal boat , Archimedes is on the river lea at the mo and about London all over the weekend ready for you Orders do call or Tx if you need me coal gas or fuel and pump out as well thanks 07973 915146
  2. Archimedes now passing Leighton basin lock heading towards Mileworth for tonight. Tomorrow going up and over Tring then down to Apsley if anyone need any coal, diesel . Archimedes will be in London for the weekend. If you need anything please call 07557118782 or 07973915146. Thank you. James
  3. Archimedes just got to Ellesmere Port for the Easter boat gathering Hope to see eveone here ,,,,,,, James
  4. Archimedes now at great Haywood if you need anything call 07557118782 on my way to Ellesmere Port Thanks James if you see me give me a wave
  5. Coal boat Archimedes now at Samuel Barlow on the Coventry canal back in London in about 2 weeks
  6. One of the best coals out there right now for your money is Puregolw 25kg bags for £9 Sorry don't think they be putting supertherm on the bag lose lots of money by doing that ! I use Pureglow all there time best fuel out there now !
  7. Was boating down to Limehouse today when I got to old ford lock right besides victor park look down from the lock to see about 3ft of water not there try to take my coal boat down . She when down in the lock ok . just out side got ground on something just b4 the bridge . Then had to go back up the lock and do about 2mills in reverse not much fun Thinking going give c.r.t call tomorrow
  8. Archimedes just come of London aft a busy weekend now at bullbridge then going up the. G.u to Ricky tomorrow if you need anything plz call or tx me 07973915146 Thanks James
  9. Next week I will be past tere on my way up north ! Coal boat Archimedes. Call me if you still need some 07973915146 Thames James
  10. Archimedes back in London this weekend if you need any thinking plz call me or tx 07973915146 Thames Little Venice tomorrow night
  11. Hi all my tug major got 5ft 8inc under way she not far off 6ft she been up as far as reding and she run well up there still
  12. it was sunk proper when I passed it in alperton was on the offside near sainsbury's. When I passed it . was in a pretty bad way. The picture you quote was taken at harlseden, probably last summer. Have seeing it about lots but no one been on it for a long time !
  13. Lots going on then this year don't where to start
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