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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Jennifer You keep mentioning Titan boats, the only ones I can find build Ribs. If you mean Triton then you are looking at cheap and sometimes cheerful boats at the lower end of the market. A
  3. A suggestion for you Don't screw them from the outside, end of problem A
  4. Not an answer but a definite, Your inverter will die prematurely in the engine space. A
  5. Hi MHS The BSS has very little to do with boat electrical safety. Is this the first boat your very good craftsman has fitted out? Has he done all the electrical installation himself and therefore has a good knowledge of boat wiring and systems? Is he conversant with the BMEA code for the wiring systems on boats, if not its doubtful the RCD certification he is supplying is of any value at all. Is he a member of the British Marine Federation? Is he writing his own RCD certification? Third party certification can be good if executed properly, though often it is not. A
  6. This topic is going to have more posts than Pillings Mainly by Fortunata
  7. We had a worrying ten minutes in this lock a few years back, 65 ft boat with bow "swag" fenders? We had noted a problem from the downloaded (now defunct?) BW boaters guide that the lock and I think the next one was unsuitable for full length boats and particularly older working boats. We were totally shocked to get in a jammed situation, it was a case of stopping everything while we worked out what to do. With the tail of the lock leaking badly our situation righted itself with the jammed bow suddenly dropping a foot or so. There are lovely Bat Boxes installed in the road bridge/tunnel immediately prior to the lock, perhaps a bit of cash spent on warning signs the like of Hurleston Junction would have been a better priority. A
  8. Were you in the same class as Alan? A
  9. So you were never top of the class in maths then ? A
  10. Not sure where you are going here, products would be Lake moorings and Le Bistro end of, quite simple really. Your remarks:- Well, in that case how did we end up with the shower of intellectual bankrupts who seem to inhabit political and financial life? Is well off topic, political and not needed on this thread A
  11. There is a fairly newly built (after Pillings) marina of similar or probably bigger size than Pillings that was rescued from financial disaster in recent years by a multi-millionaire. He bought it (and its sister) as a tax loss. No whisper of NAA not being paid there. Have to say the marina I am referring to is also not in an ideal location, another case of "build it they will come", they haven't !
  12. I would think the fortune / demise of Pillings Lock Marina is in the safe hands of Mr Steadman where it has always been. The Muppetry Management of the marina has allegedly never run it as a going concern, why would it need to when Steadman is there to pick up the tab?
  13. Will CaRT enter into a new NAA agreement with any business concern backed/owned by Steadman and P Lillie ? From the Notes to the Abbreviated Accounts of Quorn Marina Properties 30th June 2012:- Quote "1.2 Going Concern The accounts have been prepared on a going concern basis on an understanding that the parent company, other group company and M Steadman will continue to financially support the company until sufficient future rental income is received to repay them. " A new agreement would not be worth the paper it was written on.
  14. Not according to the searches I've done at Companies House
  15. Ah, I don't recognise the boat name (nor does Jim Shead for that matter) but I'm pretty sure I've met you just the once. Glad to hear you are changing back to your old self. A
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