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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I don’t think it would be out of place to relate one of many great memories of Steve here. Several years ago I took my elderly parents to the Crick Show on the Bank Holiday Monday. We had just got into the ground shortly after the show opened for the day when the public announcement was made that the show was being closed on health & safety grounds due to the very high winds… The look of disappointment on my parents’ faces said everything! As we slowly made our way back to the disabled parking area we passed Steve’s two land based exhibits just as he was closing the bow doors and judging by the look on his face he wasn’t best pleased about the announcement either… And who would be after all that effort? Seeing an opportunity I quickly nipped up the steps and had a quick word where I explained that we’d travelled a fair distance and before I had even finished what I wanted to say he was opening up the cabin doors again whilst nodding down to my parents to come up and have a good look around before helping them up the steps and explaining to them that he would have to close the cabin doors behind them due to there now being a liability issue if he let members of the public on and anything, however unlikely, were to happen. After helping them into the boat they were then told to take as much time as they liked whilst he attended to other things elsewhere and added with a wry smile that he would check they weren’t still aboard when it came to craning the boat back onto the wagon. All in all, it transformed their day from a tiresome waste of time to feeling like they had experienced the red carpet treatment. I think that pretty much says it all, a true gentleman.
  3. Deeply shocked and saddened to have just learned of this terrible news, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve on a number of occasions both at Glascote and Crick and he was a very genuine chap. Deepest sympathies to his wife, his daughters, his friends and all of those who knew him. R.I.P Steve.
  4. Just wondering what is going on with CaRT, I haven't visited this forum for some time (due to a certain ego-centric forum repellent who's a$$ I nailed to a plank on certain occasionS and whom I am sure will crop up shortly) but I have emailed them this evening regarding questions on an angling forum regarding their Waterways Wanderers Scheme only to get an auto-reply stating that their inbox is full? Dear CaRT, As both a narrowboater and an angler I am seeking some specific answers to questions regarding your Waterway Wanderers Scheme. I am currently discussing this on a prominent angling forum and my first impressions are that few, if any anglers, have even heard of this. In particular I would like to ascertain: 1) Of the £20 pounds asking fee what structure is in place to ensure re-investment in angling? 2) What percentage of this £20 will be re-invested to the direct benefit of the paying anglers? 3) How will any re-investment take place? 4) What research has taken place to support any intended re-investment? 5) Given that anglers in general appear totally unaware of this charge to fish canal waters which are not under the control of an individual club (where they would previously have enjoyed free fishing) what attempts will you be undertaking to raise their awareness? 6) How do you intend to enforce/bailiff this scheme? 7) In the event of an angler not being in the possession of a licence in a required area be found, what would be the outcome considering the lack of awareness? I would be grateful if you could reply by number as opposed to statement to ensure that everything is covered and which will assist in challenging any particular answers. Kind Regards,
  5. We popped in there after Crick today for the first time since re-opening and at first I wondered if it was going to be the same old problem as before when first choice of meal was unavailable but pleased to report that food was very good indeed with friendly staff and brisk trade both inside and outside the pub. Looks like someone really wants to make a go of it and very much worth a try... good luck to them.
  6. So which ones are good then... and why?
  7. Not at all... I was enquiring as to your appreciation, are you flattering yourself?
  8. Nothing at all dear... apart from individual people and fan clubs and just thought I would enquire.
  9. Ps... sorry MJG and thanks for the explanation. My money's on you...
  10. Sorry... didn't mean to appear confrontational. If that's the case then I hope he gets sunk without trace (in my opinion, lol)
  11. I have no idea of the thread or the poster you are referring to but if you wish to be more transparent?
  12. I haven't read through all of the posts in this subject but it does interest me. Having been on the receiving end of what I would call unsubstantiated abuse and petty, childish name calling (in addition to a completely unprovocative locked thread that many people were enjoying) I honestly believe that it will take a legal precedent in a particular forum to make people look up and think about what they type before things will ever change... i'm pretty certain this has happened elsewhere on the WWW where people think that they can hurl abuse whilst hiding behind a faceless keyboard until they have then been asked to substantiate their comments having been traced via their IP address. I will be the first to admit that I hold some pretty right wing opinions but in each case I exercise the care to proceed these opinions with phrases such as "envisage" or "in my opinion".... without these or words to that effect a person is publishing a statement of fact and they should be able to substantiate that if challenged. I'm amazed that no one has gone this route to date given some of the things I have read here over the years and I fear for some that it will only be a matter of time before a moderator receives a message asking for a thread to be locked and not removed pending legal action... I know in my case at least it's only for the fact that I can't be bothered and the faceless scrote (in my opinion) concerned would likely be totally bewildered by it. In short we are all moderators and should show the spirit of a discussion forum which includes occasionally taking transparent and groundless flak from reckless poster(s) but regardless of our views we should show the respect of at the very least of stating that our comments are our opinions and not a statement of fact where these cannot be substantiated if challenged on more formal grounds and never stoop to childish name calling... unless of course the poster is prepared to back their comments legally. Anything other and I fear it's only a matter of time... a sad reflection for sure but maybe a necessary one against "he who shouts loudest".
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