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  1. The declaration you make is for the use of the diesel you've just purchased - nothing in the rules allows this type of offsetting
  2. Not a sport! dunno what that is
  3. My own line is "can you drink while doing it?" If the answer is 'yes' then is is not a sport swimming would be an exception
  4. 'confused', hummm She also seems to be re-posting snippets of a FB convo between a bunch of friends in the hope that they'll be mistaken for the contents of the intra-mod ban-list mentioned by PaulC top class stiring!
  5. wrong AND hypocritical ..what's that noise? is it the sound of cancelled donations .....
  6. It doesn't really matter what system is in place if people get banned for things they post somewhere else.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. There seems to be some confusion here. A Fram C1191PL is an agglomerator type fuel filter .... so you may have another fuel filter to bleed
  9. I'd be up for a Luff banter. Any of the dates is probably fine ..it's too early to be planning xmas dates for me
  10. So you have Ian's number because he's been your customer and you're handing it out to anyone who asks? Just checking I've got the facts here
  11. Me neither Alan. I think it's the kind of 'advice' people repeat without thinking about it, or considering shorter boats My centreline is approx the same length as the boat (very useful for singlehanding!) but in 7 years it's never been anywhere near the turning prop - because I'm aware of the danger and, as you say, I'm disciplined about always coiling it up and putting it on the slidehatch when not in use. Which also means it's ready for the next time i need it I don't leave the boat in gear if I'm not on it either I always strap if possible - why use reverse and swirl up the water if you dont need to
  12. perhaps he's just invading the privacy of the owners for a bit of fun actually, thats probably against forum rules, (the privacy bit not the fun part).. this place is going to the dogs
  13. Don't feel stupid - feel clever cos you spotted the scam before you lost anything go you! good luck with the search
  14. yeah, i've discovered a wasps nest behind the piling when my exhaust started blowing on it whilst mooring up - managed to get away with only one sting. Quite comical in retrospect
  15. i'm not grumpy and no one else seems to be either from my POV but thanks for providing an example of mild idiocy
  16. Change from when? When we had Current Affairs? from before then? from when Politics was banned (but the owner could have a political avatar)? I was happy with the CA section I dont think the forum was 'dominated' by religious & political threads - Firstly they usually had obvious titles or were in CA section so could be easily ignored and secondly most of the contention seems to have been about immigration not 'politics'. Mirroring whe whole brexit thing going on IRL The problem wasn't 'politics' it was individuals bringing up immigration whenever they could and continuing disagreements from those threads elsewhere and making things personal. This forum has always had it's share of f**kwittery - posts that are unhelpful/excessively rude/belittling where the poster appears to be trying to score some sort of cheap point for their own self validation No, i dont think we should have a no politics rule that is a 'backstop' as you suggest. For the reasons already given by Alan & MJG. In your analogy the landlord could just tell the tenant to get rid of the cat despite the cat not changing its good behavior and it not being a problem before just because the landlord has taken against the tenant for some unrelated reason. It would be better for them to have an agreement that the cat is OK unless it starts destroying the place - then both are clear on the situation
  17. Well it allows some mods to avoid individual responsibility for poor decisions - not all mod decisions are made by consensus as they often claim here. We will still get the same inconsistent moderation but we wont be able to shrug our shoulders and think oh well thats just xxx who is a rubbish mod. It's also inconsistent with "The moderation team aim to remain as transparent as possible " I'm also a bit confused about the definition of politics - if a brexit thread was never intended to be a political thread as Wiggle says then what counts as politics and what doesn't? For example, i used to enjoy the discussions about gay rights on here - the discussion was often lively with differing viewpoints which one wouldnt get on a gay forum - now to me that is a political subject so i would assume it's banned but if a brexit thread wasn't intended to be political then perhaps a gay rights discussion wouldnt be considered political either. Unfortunately, we cant find out by posting because "posting such as seeks to test the limits, or otherwise push the boundaries of these rules and guidelines is not permitted." now who said "The Personal is Political"?....
  18. but the OP appears to be an anonymous sockpuppet which is also forbidden
  19. people do research in different ways. some google it and some ask in forums
  20. It was a statement written so it could be taken as a question. It would be nice to have an answer but i'm not really bothered if i get one My question isn't about discussing or posting content from the other place, it's about mentioning it. so for example someone posts something too political, perhaps because they dont bother to read the tedious rules and expect them to be sensible. Is it ok to say, no politics here but if you want to discuss politics with boaters you can go to the place we may not be able to mention but we can name the place
  21. i noticed that the other place we aren't supposed to mention isn't mentioned in the new rules. I'm wondering if that means we can now mention the place we weren't supposed to mention before but now can or if it's not mentioned in the rules because it's not allowed to be mentioned anywhere and it remains an unwritten rule not to mention the place we cant mention.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. and also, you will be able to fix a lot of things on your own. for example, i knew nowt about engines when i got my boat but i learned to change the filters & what not by reading this forum & having a go
  24. I had a couple of wasps nests last month, one in the ground & the other in a wall - they'll nest anywhere they can get in a space. Both were very busy with comings & goings. I called a pest control person. He used a powdery stuff & had a long wand thing to spray it. Then me & the cat locked ourselves inside while angry wasps flung themselves against the french doors for a couple of hours To find the nests just stand and watch & you can see where they are going
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