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  1. Here is a tip for you. You know the numpties that have signs on their roof saying " Tick over " you need a big sign saying " Diesel Generator running every evening "
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Very wise words but often not heeded!!
  5. Dont bother. The costs to do it " Properly " far outweigh the benefits to yourself, much is involved.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Print them off and put them in a foto album. There are foto albums around for 150 years. Only the ones worth keeping though, not the uneccesary millions peeps seem to need to take each and every day, often whilst walking the streets with a paper cup of coffee!!
  8. You certainly couldnt blame em with some of the negative comments on this and other similar threads.
  9. Whilst I am not averse to a game of tennis I think I will pass on this one
  10. 12v = Fred Flintstone!!
  11. My last boat had a new stirling 2.5 kw combi fitted when I bought it, like yours it was using 4 amps whilst powering nowt, there was a 12 volt fridge. After a month or so the stirling went on ebay and I bought a 1200 watt secondhand mastervolt for peanuts and a new charger and a new mains fridge for less money than I got for the stirling combi. Result!!
  12. The problem as you quite rightly say is that many expensive combis and inverters although well made and indeed take a lot of hammer and work faultlessly, not all are sipping juice whilst in standby/mode or whatever the company who produce it call it. As stated by Old Goat. My Mastervolt was below 1 amp and was good enough but my present unit sits happily at 0.3 when switched on doing nowt. However as others say it may not wake up depending on the unit and only after purchase will you know on your precise set up. For instance my fridge or freezer kicks it into action instantly every time, however if its on standby at 0.3 amp the telly alone will not start, I have to switch something such as the cd player on momentarily to start the telly. After telly has started nothing else needs to be switched on as the telly alone keeps the unit working. I was disparing for a while as my maker no longer has a UK based supplier but I have located one in Germany who is happy to ship if I want to buy another.
  13. Tosh!! Many things can be dangerous, firearms for one. The idea is not to look down the barrel. Mains is as safe as the very safe gas we all use. Instalation and maintenence being what its all about.
  14. Completely agree. I am always more than happy when they give their time to help my boating. Without them helping, with the staff getting older now, it is approaching the time when I may have to get off and help doing a lock ?
  15. As mentioned by another poster they have a cut out if being abused!! it should re set and work quite quickly unless you have realy pissed it off that is. I have one of the daft things fitted on his boat, skip it and fit a proper boat bog.
  16. Mike would cos hes a dinosaur innitt . The thing is I find that most peeps who dont agree with mains stuff have never even owned an all mains boat, indeed some are not even liveaboards. When inverters first came in ( I was a liveaboard then ) they were hopelesly inadequate for full time use, in fact there were no pure sine jobbies either. In the past 25ish years or so the standard, quality and ability of inverters has risen very considerably. During that time with the ever increasing pressure on companies to reduce electrical consumption of all white goods and combined that means that today a quality, correctly installed mains system is a no brainer. Not only for the price which is hugely less on buying fridges, tellys and a whole host of other stuff but simply cos lots of stuff thats available today can be instantly used as and when needed. I am oft quoted as being a dinosaur by members and yes I am when it come to fones and stuff but I have long since gone fully mains. My choice is based on long term living aboard with a mix of boats over the years with, 12volt only, some mains and some stuff 12 volt and recently with mainly mains with just lights, pumps etc 12 volt.
  17. Cor blimey, why oh why?? As a long term full time liveaboard so obviously leccy savvy as we know we have to often produce it whilst not on hook up, I went all mains years ago. Present boat everything is mains. Modern mains stuff uses much the same as 12 volt. In fact my latest mains fridge uses less than the 12 volt did. They are better made and dont come on and off so often. I run 24/7 365 an undercounter fridge and undercounter freezer, neither are ever switched off. Just been way off hook up for 3 nights and my battery bank of 4 by 110 amp hours managed with ease with just one charging up per day and doesnt drop below 12.3 volt. If we fully charge to 8pm and watch telly during evening and with fridge and freezer on the batts are at 12.5/6 next morning. Everything costs literaly HUNDREDS of pounds less per item Fridges, freezers, tvs etc etc etc. A top notch inverter can be got with the difference alone on the cost of one set of white goods. On top of this having mains 24/7 365 makes everything easier and so many more places to buy stuff with ease. Bin the daft 12 volt fridge. No huge cabling to buy either on long runs.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Quite a few sources do them for that price range. Pro Batt charges that to include delivery. Ya can always pay 100 quid for the same article with a posh name sticker on the side if you want.
  20. Just checked. Yes its a Piper. No idea about prop size and its been on the Lancy since new!!
  21. Hi Dooooood. Its a David Piper iirc not sure er prop or how it got there but its been on the Lanc for years. Will find out
  22. I may be bringing a boat from the Lancaster daarnn saarfff sometime this summer depending on many things. What is the opinion of those who have done it for a small narrowboat. Myself and my mate are both experienced long time boaters. We have extensive tidal river experience and coastal experience. However that means we know the risks and take care and neither of us have done the ribble link so green as grass where that water is concerned. The boat we may well be moving is a steel 41 foot narrowboat in good order with a sound 28 hp three pot kubota. Before making the trip we would be changing all engine cooling hoses and drive belts, filters etc etc as a matter of course. Will this hp be up to it being its such a small boat? Its not a problem throwing it on a trailer and having it brought by road but what do the panel think the boat will be like doing the link? Taa
  23. I passed this monstrosity ont boat today!! There are boats moored both sides and across from it.
  24. Surely the government are perfect at management? ?
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