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  1. Hello There, I'm looking looking at getting a second hand narrowboat, I want one with a classic engine. I have two options, one has a Lister JP2, and the other, a Russell Newbery DM2. I am going to be a continuiuse cruiser (even in winter), and I was curios as to which engine would be best suited for that. I dont mind having to spend half an hour - an hour to get it going, I was just curious as to which one would be more reliable in winter. Thanks
  2. I don't know much, but someone recommended the Bukh to me and said that the DV36 should be enough hp, because the DV48 is a turbocharged version
  3. I've thought about the gardner, but I still prefer the sound of a RN DM2, and like @Alan de Enfield said, If i fitted out the boat, and fitted the engine myself, I would still be able to use it on the cut, but I wouldn't be able to sell it until 5 years after it completion (like i'd want to anyway - the boat would be to nice).
  4. I'm planning for 6 -7 years, I'm a joiner by trade (wooden window maker/cabinet maker). which should make the very precise work a bit easier
  5. So in other words, your saying I can fit the boat out myself, use it on the canal... but not be able to sell it until 5 years after it was first used/put onto the water?
  6. Yeah, I pointed that out earlier... I didnt know that there were 2 in production. but I did know there is a1936 RN DM2 out of an origanal work boat for sale. I also put in a screenshot of the email they replied to me with
  7. My actual name is Declan, but for some weird reason I prefer to be called Carlisle. I started liking it when I was 15, but I never actually changed my name. Probably never will. In the first post as well, I thought better to use my real name rather than my prefered name, I don't have any real reason why though.
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