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  1. Would you mind if i use this picture on my website untill i can get some better ones? (shame only one door was shut tho) Bon
  2. I'd vote for William Piper, but then i'm biased as it had my windows on it!
  3. Oh, i'd forgotten that these were a Criggy preseny! I'm so pleased she liked them and you now have lots of brownie points Graham! , cratch windows to match for next year then?? Bon Fab pic by the way, will steal it for my website
  4. I didn't have them then or i would've mentioned them, he'd left them in the car!
  5. So far been a good weekend. Dhutch gave me a few stickers today so come find me if you want one. £1.50 each. (i'll try get to see you tomorrow mikev....or save you one failing that) Time for a hot shower after the miserable rain late this afternoon! (i'm promised sun tomorrw tho) Bon
  6. Was very windy setting up today, rathcet straps rock! Not mudy when we left at about 5. No clue about the soar but lots of boats out to the banter so i think its fine. Bon
  7. Bon


    Well, if you only want them selling to forum members, maybe i could only pass them over if they are asked for? I'll be happy to put some cards on the stall for people to take if they so wish. (some kind of holder would be good if the wind is as bad tomorrow as it was today) Come find me and we'll sort something out. (i'm on one of the little market stalls outside the craft tent.) Bon
  8. Bon


    Nooooooo!!!!! I'm sure i found a thread somewhere that there were stickers for peoples to put in boaty windows to show your a member of da forum??? Bon
  9. Bon


    Was just wondering if you wanted me to sell some stickers to forum members from my stall?? Obviously left this suggestion REALLY late but my brain is apparently having a holiday at the mo so only just thought of it. Send me a PM if this is a good idea, ignore me if it's a bad one! lol Bon
  10. Wawawaaaaaaaaaa I really should think before i type sometimes! I think my brain is sitting by a pool with a pimms atm tho so it really isn't my fault! Bon
  11. Going to try pop in on Sat for an hour. Thats if i'm not too shattered after getting LOADS of sales and orders at the IWA! (come find me and say hey if your going btw) Not brining my boaty tho oh well, can't have it all. Bon
  12. That takes me back, my Dad used to be a plant glazer, he used to take me with him if he ever glazed boats. Got to go down a few quarries too (way before health and saftey issues stopped that sort of thing) and see all the big dumper trucks! So exiting..... Suppose my glass fetish started early! Bon
  13. Got a few nice bridges here you could borrow, i'll post one over! Thought you said you would try the gazeebo idea? You know you need something in the blooming country! Good luck tho, Bon
  14. I like it being named after a wheel barrow more, much funnier. Was the first time i'd actually noticed the wiff on the marina last night i admit, thought it was just Mucky tbh what with his name and all!
  15. Ohyes, i forget it's in Quorn....being so close to Barrow and all that! Personally i'd rather live in a place named after a useful toilet carrying tool than fake meat....but each to their own
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