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  1. OP - I would walk. There are SO many boats out there, and most of them are in a better condition than a bodged overplate!
  2. It's excellent to see advice on the forum that's informative and experienced, and not just a fisherman taking the piscine.
  3. There are certainly signs regarding fishing licences just 150 yards up river (about 75yds before the Trent Bridge (the bridge just before Newark Castle), though I have no idea whether that affects the Kiln VM's or not.
  4. Whatever you do, please don't turn over one's glass of freshly pulled foaming cask ale to see where the pint pot was made.
  5. I suspect that the problem with this generalisation is that it is 'based' on a truth, I'm regularly expected to move out of the way of cyclists on the towpath, and even expected to do so when they are approaching me from behind, and without warning. Not all cyclists behave this way - - but those that most readily spring to mind do!
  6. We have a Beta engine in our lump. And whilst nothing has failed in our 4 1/2 years, on the few occasions I've contacted Beta for help or advice, they have been truly excellent. Efficient, helpful, and fast - customer service of the best type.
  7. I changed mine last autumn, and bought mine on the Midland Chandlers "Freaky Friday" (20% discount) day. Though I will probably buy 25Ltr from a motor factors next time. (I have a 38ltr system.)
  8. Dare I suggest, joerobo, that you may well find your Swiss Kraft 'Silent' model to be anything but silent, witha '94' decibel rating on the case, either you will be suffering the noise, or your neighbour will be. Is it too late to cancel your order?????
  9. Aye - the ready mixed does not require any further dilution. The concentrate requires further dilution (typically with 2 or 3 times as much water) - That's as neat as one can buy I'm afraid.
  10. Welcome to the Forum..... I'm sure you'll get loads of advice, but let me start the (sometimes contentious) discussion with the following: Generally speaking, living on a boat is NOT cheaper than living in bricks. All manner of things may be cheaper, and a whole load are dearer. We sold up and moved on board five years ago. Since then: Our (ex) house has appreciated by about £50k Our boat has depreciated by, say, £40k. (The boat will continue to depreciate too!). Our food, clothes, entertainment, public transport costs, life insurance (etc etc) still cost as much Our heating costs, Council Tax, are lower. The boat's maintenance costs are higher than the house's were.
  11. Any Halfords, any chandlery, any vehicle parts wholesaler, and probably larger Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's.
  12. That venting valve is the PRV. It'll have a red knob on it, spring loaded. Give it a couple of turns (it clicks back into position) - that will clear any detritus that may, possibly, be under the valve seat, and thus releasing water)
  13. Steve Foster Cranes have a couple of those super jobbies too (we've used his 200 ton rated unit a couple of times) Excellent operation - very professional.
  14. The need for the pump to "replace water" could have several causes: The pump seals may be worn, in which case the pressure it's put into the accumulator/calorifier is leeching back into your water tank. Your PRV (pressure relief valve) (probably near your calorifier) may be releasing pressure (and water) [probably into your bilge or overboard depending upon how it's plumbed in]. Or you may have a leak. (you'll need to check in your bilges (cabin bilge and engine bilge)
  15. "Once the party has arrived in London, Charlotte’s mum and dad will stay with her until she has found a mooring spot in a marina. They will then return home to Leicestershire." They may be with her for a while, then?
  16. G&F was two-pack sprayed. Tough, easy to clean and takes a good polish - still looks good after 4 1/2 years
  17. We have a 55Ltr cauliflower, - it easily provides two showers, or three (careful) showers consecutively
  18. Welcome to the forum Pazz, And what a potentially complicated question you've posed! (But you'll certainly get answers I reckon!) I suggest you take some photographs af the wheelhouse in question and post them on the forum to help us, but here's my comments to begin with. It is, of course, certainly possible to reduce the height of a steel wheelhouse, or remove the top section (windows and above), and replace with a collapsible arrangement, (most frequently fabricated in hardwood). However, to all intents and purposes, there's no such thing as a "standard wheelhouse", and any work you have done will require the invoilvement of skilled boatbuilders/fabricators if you are to achieve a competant and good looking alteration in keeping with the current boat's appearance. I'm quite certain that some of our members will be able to make some recommendations on whom you should approach, but have no doubt that the project will cost many many £,000's, as the wheelhouse is the main saloon, (and therefore a reasonable size I guess) - I'd bank on the cost being in the five figure range.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. The difference may well be a mooring, or even something as simpl as more maintenance to one boat than the other. But, more likely, is boat repayment (that's circa £6k p.a. in itself)
  21. I strongly suspect that you may be purchasing a new calorifier. Whilst it may be technically possible to repair, IF the leak is from the body of the beastie, I wouldn't risk a repair. Of course, it may be a leak from a pipe joint or gasket - in which case undo the joint, clean it up and remake / get a new gasket.
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