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  1. Looking at the photo it appears that the face is machined, so it should be possible to fit a helicoil and then assuming you use a fitting with a parallel thread, use a Dowty washer to make the seal between the hex of the fitting and the head face.
  2. Absolutely no idea Chris. Just in my mind I put commercial activity in a totally different pigeon hole to continuous cruisers, moorers, snoozers, marina moorers, on-line moorers and non boat owning aspirants.
  3. I don't as they're not trading on a continuous cruising licence or pretending they're continuous cruisers. They have a commercial licence which in my view entitles them to come and go as they please.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Alan, regarding your quest for a pre-formed heater elbow - try Demon Tweaks, they do all sorts of pipes and hoses for home builds and kit-cars. A bit flash and perhaps pricey, but good. Else a rummage round your local motor factors for a heater hose for an Escort or whatever, anything with an elbow end, then cut the straight portion to suit your installation?
  6. I do too Carl, but I'm not sure about 'forced'. I'm sure there's more free will in play here, for example there are moorings available on my stretch of the GU, should the hoppers wish to avail themselves of a mooring.
  7. Well, there's an idea to add to the pot....
  8. I agree with this wholeheartedly, but all credit to Dave for setting up the coconut for everybody else to knock over. Dave, I think we're trying to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause, which in my mind S'Nib has hilighted above. Denis
  9. Which perhaps closes the circle back to David's original post. Whilst the (relatively few?) argumentative threads can be great spectator sport, many less abrasive contributors often get caught in the cross-fire.
  10. Take your points Carl, but on the subject of the search engine - I used to think it was pretty awful too, until somebody pointed out the advanced search features in a post somewhere. Using advanced search seems to produce a markedly better result. Or have I got low expectations?....
  11. Oftentimes that's forum speak for "If you'd used the search engine and read around a bit first, you'd have found this answered many times before." I've noticed that on a car forum to which I subscribe, questions are often preceded by words along the lines of "I've tried the search engine, but didn't find anything covering this...." as a way of deflating the 'obvious question' riposte.
  12. Well, you asked. I think this is the one.... Edited to say: Or one of them....
  13. Hi David, I can understand what' you're getting at but the example you gave perhaps isn't the most outrageous of recent threads - the words expansion vessel and stray current spring to mind.... Apart from some of the more unsavoury tirades in the mentioned threads, I didn't think things were too bad. I do agree that the fundamental principle of debate - you are free to criticise the idea but not the person - is ignored/forgotten/unknown more often than I would like. Hang on in there, as with the 'real' world, the virtual world encompasses the full palette of characters....
  14. If I factor in all the odd bits and pieces I've added and the enhancements made since the boat was built a couple of years back, it adds pretty penny to the overall cost of the boat. With the way things are now, I'm not sure that if I had to sell it at the moment, it would leave me much, if any of a surplus.
  15. Valiant attempt to get the thread back on topic Phylis! Things were beginning to get tighter but the recent drop in oil prices should ease the load a bit. I think the next biggest benefit I could see would be my finance cost coming down due to lower interest rates. In my case it wouldn't affect my monthly payment but would at least mean I'm not paying for so long.
  16. I would be needing to see a substantial benefit in order to justify an investment of between £600 - £700 for an Axiom, when my existing prop should be fine for a few more years yet (fingers crossed). I like Tony's idea, I was thinking along similar lines and in the absence of anything better, at least it would get a bit closer to a quantified study.
  17. Blimey, it doesn't look like anything I was expecting. I expected it to look more like some intricate multi blade submarine prop than a paddle blade prop off a C130. Intriguing. As per other posters, would love to see some quantified data.
  18. Yep John, that's who I've read it attributed to.
  19. At the risk of migrating this thread further, I'm not so sure that's the case this time round SirNib. I get much more of a feeling of 'my God it's hit them, how long before it hits us?'
  20. Yep, and I think that's why the market may appear stuffed.
  21. For the purposes of assessing saleability in the current climate, let's get the ball rolling with: Cheap: Less than £15000 Mid: £15000 - £80000 (yeah, big range, I know) Top: £80000+ and anything that's considered 'niche' Just a finger in the air, open to critique.
  22. Absolutely. If you see the boat as a long term depreciating asset, its rate of decline will even out over the years and the current sudden drop will not be so significant. If you bought high and need to sell now, well there's not a lot you can do.... Do we think that the boats that sell despite a recession are either 'cheap as chips' or top end, it's the middle range that gets stuffed?
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