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  1. All these messages about how nice it is on the canals at the moment are making me jealous as i'm currently boat less
  2. Its snowing here in Stourport, let the panic commence
  3. to spend more time out on the boat, even tho the other half appears to be trying to turn me into a fulltime land dweller :-(
  4. hi steve, sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience of narrowboating. i remember seeing your boat at kingswood junction last summer, i was there fitting my old boat out, in contrast ive had a positive experience of the canals, lots of friendly helpful boaters to chat to and help out. maybe its because ive avoided boatyards, charging a fortune to carry out laughably simple tasks. good luck with selling anyway.
  5. I just like the whole atmosphere of the canals and rivers, the feeling of being separeate from the mad rushing about of the general public and traffic on the roads. i stay at my girlfriends flat regulary and can always hear the tv from next doors flat, the woman in the upstairs flat banging around. it all seems so noisy compared to being on the boat.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. i'd recomend the moorings outside the lenchford inn, a good pint and good food, ive stayed there a several times and its always been peacful and trouble free. I once drove down to holt fleet to visit the pub on that campsite, all the transit vans parked outside put me off lol
  8. some drove past our house in an old commer van throwing stones at our fence in 1982, ive had a fear of hippies ever since ! lol
  9. you have to own a tatty boat if your an eco hippy, its all part of the lifestyle image! Just dont tell anyone that its your well off middle class parents that pay for everything you need, as you want people to beleive you live off the land and make things from twigs etc lol but each to their own.
  10. I agree with everything you say, bad things can happen anywhere at any time, doesnt matter where you happen to be. I've got no worries about mooring down on the river again, ive moored there a few times before without incident, a few drunk children wont put me off :-) when i bought my boat it was on a 3 month winter mooring at camp hill locks birmingham, not the nicest part of town from what i could see, the only trouble i had there was some snooty boater (posting on here) saying that i was an over stayer on the visitor moorings ! lol
  11. i could tell you to avoid mooring on the river severn at stourport, as one morning at around 2am i woke to hear drunk people outside talking about untieing the boats, i just turned the headlight on and they all ran away, not so brave when they can be seen! I'd moor there again no problem, but may put a chain on just to be safe as drifting down the severn wouldnt be funny.
  12. KeithL


    The river lock must be hard to work manually, the basin in droitwich looks like a pleasant place to moor up, any other boats there ?
  13. Im looking for a mooring around the worcestershire or gloucestershire area as Im thinking of giving up my mooring in stourport basin and mooring elsewhere, im looking for a mooring that isnt marina based as i dont want to be moored between 2 other boats as the veiw isnt that good! any suggestions for good moorings appreciated :-) its for a 46ft narrowboat. thanks Keith
  14. The whole olympics thing reminds me of all the hype and overcharging that went on when the date changed to 2000, what a non event that was lol
  15. thanks i'll give him a call as well :-) thanks Keith
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