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  1. Rather proud of my first attempt at reversing, when I took Warwick back to Sowerby Bridge last week. Reversed straight into the place I wanted to get the boat at the first attempt without any problems, even got a comment of good job from one of the people working for Shire Cruisers
  2. You lucky lucky thing. I've been back a week, no more boating untill next October
  3. For what it's worth here's my take on it as I do boating and fishing, although the only canal I have fished is the Sankey canal (no boats) Have never had a problem with anglers tbh, only been back a week from my last boating trip and had no problems at all with anglers came across a few said good day to all and got a polite answer back from most.Moored for the night on the last day of the holiday a man came along the tow path with a clip board turned out he was looking for where to put pegs for a fishing match the following Sunday, he asked me would I still be moored there then so he knew where not to put a peg I said no. We then had a pleasant conversation which finished with me wishing him well for his match
  4. I'm not in a position to think about buying a boat yet so don't know much about the process. But you have just said exactly what I was thinking
  5. I've come down the 4th lock on the Black Delth Junction flight on Dudley canal backwards 2 years ago, why ? because there was not enough water in the next pond to fill the lock, never noticed before going in. Well it had been a long day
  6. Got to be honest though, enjoyed them as hard as they are, love doing locks. So if anyones cruising in the NorthWest and wants a hand locking you know who to ask LOL.
  7. Had considered Alvechurch as a possible tbh
  8. We are starting to plan next years boating trip. Thinking of maybe the Black Country Ring, what we want to know is what hire bases are close to a rail or coach station for doing this trip. We don't drive so will be relying on public transport and after our problems getting to Stoke Prior a couple of years ago when we did the Stourport Ring we want to check on transport links before booking
  9. Same thing happened to us on the Rochdale. Where planning on heading towards Leeds, but where advised by the people at shire cruisers that due to all the rain with more forecast for the next day that it would be better to go up the Rochdale. Within 5 minutes of coming out of the tuel lock the heavens opened. Got up Sunday morning ready for another wet day but ended up with a bautiful week, but oh those locks on the Rochdale BW really need to get their act together. Those not vandalised where poorly maintained between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, gave up at Todmorden and went down to Brighouse instead
  10. Main reason I suggested the stourport ring is it allows for late starts and lay ins. Will probably be putting our trip around the stourport ring in the cruise dairy section sometime in the next couple of days so that might help
  11. Can't speak for the base at Chirk, but we have hired twice with Black prince now.Once from Stoke Prior on the Worcester and Birmingham and once from their base at Bartington Wharfe on the TM. Fully agree with your comments about the boats.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Could try the Stourport ring, we managed it comfortably with just the 2 of us. Cruising between 5 and 7 hours a day. Started from Stoke prior 2pm on the Saturday and was back by 3pm the following Friday. And that was with a break down on the Severn as well. Plenty of locks for the kids to. That was going by way of the Netherton tunnel
  14. Yeah we decided the same thing last year. After the hectic rush to get around the stourport ring the year before. Last year we just took our time and had a relaxing holiday
  15. Sitting watching water world on sky one evening I spoke the immortal words to the wife. Should we give a canal holiday a try, this is the story of that first ever canal holiday. Day 1 Saturday 1 October 2005 Left Liverpool at 11am arriving at Sowerby Bridge at 1241 leaving us with time to do some shopping and to have a look around before picking the boat up. We eventually made our way to the boat yard and after a very good training session we set off on Devon with a member of Shire Cruisers staff accompanying us to the first couple of locks. All went well and we where eventually allowed to go off on our own after the deep lock. As I still needed to get some confidence handling the boat plus the canal being pretty shallow in this section it took us 2 hours to get to the next lock at Brearley where we stopped for the night. Day 2 Sunday 2 October 2005 This turned out to be the most eventful day of the holiday and very nearly brought the whole holiday to an early end. We set out at about 810am and all went well reaching Hebden Bridge in good time where we decided to fill the water tanks. The problem being another Shire boat Cambridge was already there and being a novice I panicked trying to get in. The couple from Cambridge shouted for us to throw them a rope to pull us in which Rose did from the bow without any problems. Mean while I had but the gears into neutral which was a good thing given what happened next. As I threw the rope from the stern I slipped on the wet deck and went flying off the boat after the rope. I am not a strong swimmer and panicked in the water, but eventually managed to get my feet onto the bottom of the canal and stand up but could not climb out so the man from Cambridge had to get into the canal and help me (if he is reading this thank you). Anyway after I was out we filled up with water and moored at the visitor mooring while I had a shower. After my shower we set off again arriving at Todmorden as it was getting dark. Day 3 Monday 3 October 2005 I was still a bit shaken after falling in and was considering abandoning the holiday but we decided to carry on. But we also decided we would turn around and head for the Calder and Hebble. So after winding we headed back towards Hebden bridge sharing locks with another boat untill lunch time. Arrived back at Hebden Bridge at 4pm and filled with water again this time without incident, then moving over to the visitor moorings for the night. Day 4 Tuesday 4 October 2005 After having a walk around Hebden Bridge and doing some shopping we got back to the boat, we had some lunch and as and started off mooring at Brearley again. Day 5 Wednesday 5 October 2005 Had a lay in and started off at around 1030am, just took it slow arriving at Sowerby Bridge at about 12. Carried on down the Calder and Hebble deciding to stop for a break half way between Sowerby and Salterhebble deciding to go for a little walk. When we get back to the boat I try to start the engine and it will not start, so call Shire and they send out an engineer who sorts out the problem for us. By now it is 3pm so we decide to stay where we are for the night. Day 6 Thursday 6 October 2005 This was a rather uneventful day started for Salterhebble about 11 took on water and winded. The only event of note was we help a woman from a residential boat pull a log from the canal at the Salterhwbble top lock. Moored at the same place as the night before. Day 7 Friday 7 October 2005 Stayed moored untill late afternoon and took a leisurely cruise back to the boat yard arriving back about 330pm where we moored and spent the last night in a local pub watching the super league semi final between Saints and Bradford, which spoilt the last night as Bradford won. Day 8 Saturday 8 October 2005 8am leave the boat and head for the station, and home. This was not the end but the beginning, the beginning of our love affair with boating To be continued
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