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    More recently built a trendy Widebeam Which hopefully one day will be going down to the Canal Du Midi !!<br /><br />Have built and fly my own Aircraft .love Motorbikes, travel<br />In fact anything which uses loads of fuel!<br /><br />I am not very green!!

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    Commercial Property agent/ Surveyor
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    Leeds Liverpool near Chorley

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  1. 7 or 14 days!!!- well try this one! I got frozen in in Jan this year at Astley and couldnt move until the end of the month whereupon I moved back to BW waters 2 weeks ago I went back to Astley on a Friday evening and the following Thursday (6 days later) I got a section 9 notice on my boat saying move or they will take my boat!!!
  2. Having a widebeam I can get my Honda Blade on the back buts its a real pain in the arse! (boat looks like Ive got Jeff Capes on the back!) I bought a go ped scooter that fits in a cupboard in the kitchen and in the boot of my car (see Ebay) which solves the problem of car catch up I know this will cause shock and horror seeing a 48 year man going down the towpath and I do apologise in advance if you see me!
  3. Make sure the battery connections (red and Black thick wires) are absolutely tight use the soldered cable suplied with the unit My sterling combi did as your,sterling checked-no fault!-Loose Cable was the problem Still does as yours and cables have to be tightened occasionally
  4. I would urge everybody on this site to Ring Debbie Lumb at BW in Wigan on 01942 405700 to complain about the shorter hours our masters have imposed on us at Plank lane Swing Bridge on the Leigh branch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal (claiming saving money) In effect in the Peak of the Season the canal shall be closed at 6pm! (was 8pm) Please Please let our Masters know that you disapprove !!!!! Shorter Opening Hours for Plank Lane Plank Lane Lift Bridge, on the Leigh Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, is to be open for fewer hours each day. British Waterways is having to identify areas where money can be saved. This lift bridge has to be manned during all opening hours and this currently involves the use of overtime. A reduction in the operating hours of the bridge will free a significant sum of money which can be re-directed into essential maintenance works. From June, the bridge will be open to navigation only during the following hours: • June 2010 08.30 am to 4.30 pm • July 2010 08.30 am to 6.00 pm • August 2010 08.30 am to 6.00 pm • September 2010 08.30 am to 4.30 pm This is a trial and the opening hours will be reviewed in October. Debbie Lumb, BW's North West Manager, said that she appreciates that this is a substantial reduction in the opening hours and it may cause some inconvenience to those travelling in the area. However, she said must balance the cost of staffing the bridge against the works needed elsewhere. She added that BW is currently reviewing the benefits of utilising volunteers to meet a range of core duties. In the near future, BW hopes that volunteers can help to man locks and bridges. If BW can secure the volunteer commitment for Plank Lane Lift Bridge, it is possible that the bridge can revert to longer opening hours in the future. Anyone interested in finding out more about how to get involved with this should contact BW in Wigan on 01942 405700. BW in Wigan welcomes feedback by phone or email on how these reduced opening hours affect boaters.
  5. Originaly painted my boat in normal emulsion paint but after 12 months use the fire had caused the paintwork to look dirty which could not be wipped down to look clean. I re painted with eggshell oil based paint and problem solved and easy to wipe down
  6. I used to fill my Light Aircraft from Jerry cans which were painted internaly. This nearly killed me caused by a complete engine failure due to the fine particles of paint blocking the main carb jet! (Dispite filters) I wouldnt paint any fuel tank after that experience!
  7. I own the refina one and its a brilliant bit of kit If youve got the dosh !
  8. Being in the property business I was lucky to come across an artificial football pitch which was due to be redeveloped with a brief of take as much as want! As a result every mooring in my area was covered in high quality green astrotuft of the best quality And then the problems started-All the jetties are of wood constrution which due to the fact that the turf did not allow the timber to dry rotted at an alarming rate! despite the turf having thousands of drain hole. It amazing stuff is not slipy but not for covering a wooden jetty I would imagine if covering parts of a steel boat rust could be a problem but having said that its amazing if you can get hold of the quality stuff
  9. I use wheelchair wheels which work a treat!
  10. Im looking at a lovely lampost as we speak!-now I wonder !
  11. You need to find someone with an acc at Manbat Numax are their own brand and paid £47 each plus the dreaded last week
  12. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ subject to BW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well Ive done it!! Ive just bought a chunk of land at the side of the canal which is a woodland setting having a 320 m piled bank and on a main road location! Cant say where it is at mo till I complete on it next week. I have had a bit of a punt on this land and I know that just because I own the land it does not give me any rights to keep my boat their. BW have introduced a policy of reducing on line moorings stating the fact that online boats slow us boaters down but I believe the real reason is that they want us all packed into marinas and on there online moorings generating a bigger cut of our lovely money. Do any of our reader have any experience of buying land and subsequently getting our masters consent to keep a boat or boats their? There policy notes state various rules stating the criteria where they will grant consent and this land complies with 3 out of the 4 requirements I am just tempted to moor my boat their and see what happens Worse comes to worse anybody got a pony that needs somewhere to live!!!!! (Sorry posted this in wrong section!!!!!!)
  14. Glennbrown


    Dear Gand F-point taken but the builder only recently went broke so I would like to presume the VAT office had the benefit of the vat on the boat and paid by my friend.(she paid for it two years ago!) Yes I did ask HMCR but they refered me to the notes which are in my original posting ie vat can only be recovered from the supplier!
  15. Glennbrown


    Dear G and F- thanks for that and thought that might be the case! Seems very unfair since the Vat people have had her money(via the seller) and hide behind the fact that you have to make a claim against the supplier! The supplier would not sell her the boat vat free due to the vat offices ruling at the time! Stinks to be honest!
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