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  1. So it looks like these solids would look and sound like a tin of biscuits being shaken about! So a serious question here - could you throw these little nuggets in the log burner like the Masai do with cattle dung? Could be a massive bonus all round if this was deemed acceptable 👍🤩
  2. Also check that the isolation valves either side of the pump aren’t closed or even half open….
  3. Neil, you seem to be on the same wavelength as me, I can’t be the only one going daft 😂I know there’s been some negative reviews on the “ foxes afloat boat”but at least it’s been presented well 👍 pity that their value is WAY WAY more than my reality of it’s actual worth… ps just one example of my perception of the madness going on… how long do you think we should wait until reality kicks in?
  4. So if I offer my services up for a few hours we could both be on a win win situation £5000 each?I can bring the can of Wd40/ and I’ll even bring a few cleaning cloth👍😁. But in all seriousness my point is some people are asking serious money from punters who think what they are presenting in their photos is good value? Personally it puts me off 😳
  5. I keep looking at that engine and can’t but help thinking that a can of wd40 and a few rags would add a grand to the asking price of the boat, but by the looks of it the price has been added on irrespective … I’ve turned into Victor Meldrew I’m sure of it, damn 😂
  6. You’re probably right , but I was really trying to be kind and not show some of the photos posted of the insides of some of these boats…. Think I’d rather live in this engine room than some of the rooms posted of the insides…. Is it just me or am I being too fussy??
  7. I’ve been looking for a good while now for a quality narrowboat to enjoy my retirement and find myself trawling through the various sites on a daily basis looking for something that lights my fire and more importantly my wife’s….. Is it just me or don’t people look at their photos before posting and think maybe I should do something to make things look more attractive to a potential buyer, some of the ads are dire, can’t people empty their sinks of dirty cutlery or make the beds properly or clear the mess in the bathroom? Eg- This is up for £56000 and in excellent condition apparently, come on is it just me?
  8. According to one of the workforce today they had asked if they could crane a barge in at Saltford marina and this was refused??? They then decided to crane a barge in at Weston lock but the original crane wasn’t suitable to safely do the job so they had another crane there today around 11am. We passed the barge on its way to Saltford......
  9. Looks like it could be a while yet....
  10. So would I be correct in saying MIC is less likely to be an issue with boats that are continually cruised?
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