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  1. Good point you can always spot an ex Royal Mail van
  2. Hi Thank you all for your input. I agree with Bizzard's comments about the flake being difficult to make good when chipped or scratched and i think i will abandon that idea. One should always look at re-sale value, there was a bright pink wide beam on my marina sales jetty for some reason it took a long while to sell. The paint to be used is going to be a Jotun 2 pac paint which will still not be as easy to make good as standard paint, but does last well. With regards to the red colour does red 2 pac paint fade just as much as normal paint? Red cars were traditionally a bggr for fading and peeling but not so much now. Anyone had experience with Jotun 2 pac paint?
  3. Hi I am sure these questions have been asked but here goes anyway.I have my 38ft narrowboat booked in to be painted professionally in March (heated workshop). I Really like the deep ford transit custom blue but is has a very fine metallic flake in it. The metallic flake is not garish but is does give the paint depth. My question, would metallic paint on a narrowboat be akin to breaking wind in the presence of the queen ie, just not done and in poor taste? I would welcome constructive comment. I would add that the roof will be the same light yellow as it currently has with a non slip coating but with a blue border and blue strips over where the mushroom vents are just to break it up a bit. The side will have either a darker red side panel within the blue around the windows with a yellow coach line around or possibly yellow panel with red coach line.
  4. Clack, flap i have only been a heating engineer for 30 odd years, i cant be expected to remember the name of these things after only being in the trade that long. Having thought about it further i dont think i have ever fitted one in those 30 years. iI prefer the loop method as other than air lock it won't go wrong or stick and we all know if it can go wrong it will do but it will save it until the very worst time then go wrong. Thank you all for your input
  5. Thank you for your input i will alter the pipe work and see what happens.
  6. Hi I am a new member with a 2004 not so new boat. When i have been cruising the calorifier gets hot from the engine as expected (it is mounted in the engine bay). If i use very little water in the evening by the morning it has cold down considerably. This weekend i heated it with the thermotop c, got nice and hot and the flow and return pipes to the engine were cold so no gravity circulation there, however the thermotop was still hot and hour later. The flow pipe from the ttc is at the same level as the to flow pipe into the clarifier and the return is lower down. I am a heating engineer and my experience is telling me there is reverse gravity circulation through the ttc. My question to forumt is, has anyone else had this issue? The easy fix is to put a U shaped loop between the calorifier and the TTC or a clack valve. As the clarifier is effectively outside there will be a reasonable loss of heat into the engine bay but it seemed excessive to me.
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