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  1. I agree, it sounds feasible. I'm just not aware that such a thing exists for tiller steering.
  2. There are tiller pilots (autopilots) and hydraulic wheel steering, but power tiller steering?
  3. Yes I agree the joystick steering seems not to have been a great idea. Having now read the review that Alan de Enfield posted a link to "it was the constant pressure from the tiller that [the owner] didn’t like on his long weekend on a normal narrowboat" so he opted for an OTT fly-by-wire joystick control system at god-knows-what-cost as a solution. Each to their own 🤔
  4. Nothing wrong with exceptional wealth. So if someone would like to send me some I'd be happy to prove the point.
  5. So an ancient canal network should only have ancient looking boats on it? That's not how humans roll ! If true then I can't help thinking that's a tad excessive! By a factor of about 2.
  6. Is this the boat? https://www.midwayboats.co.uk/boatsforsale-315.html From the outside it looks like a narrowboat designed in and for the 21st century - different, but I quite like it, apart from the hideous bow canvas (cratch cover?) Looking at the interior pics it looks like whoever fitted it out made a good job of it. Personally I think it would be boring if all boats looked the same.
  7. That was so bad it was almost good. But don't forget your coat on your way out 😁
  8. You're not the first. Think of it as a symbol of good luck 😄 https://community.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/f/all-creatures/48452/moorhen-nesting-on-our-boat-for-weeks-and-weeks-and-weeks-will-she-ever-go?pifragment-4285=1
  9. Someone will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong but my concern would be if any of the diodes are damaged in the smashed panel, possibly leading to a short and the other panel(s) continually sending power to it until something melts. I might be over-thinking this though. Are the panels fitted with MC4 connectors? It should be quick & easy to disconnect the damaged series pair and the damaged panel from the good one, surely? Out of interest how did the panel get smashed - accident or deliberate/malicious?
  10. The problem is that if you don't know who the referrer is how do you know a tiny fraction of your money isn't ending up in the hands of one of the many nefarious groups that exist around the world?
  11. I kind of expected things would be a little more high tech at petrol stations! Now I have a vision of a man poking a long stick with gunk on the end into the darkest corners of the underground fuel tanks. Tell me it aint so!
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