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  1. They do exist, they're targeted at truckers, see if you can find a UK supplier for this 12V RoadPro Slow Cooker .
  2. Disability scooters tend to put around at a walking pace, 3-4mph. The scooters fly down the sidewalk and across intersections at 15mph and cars aren't expecting that, so people get hit.
  3. Stateside at least it's another "gig economy" job. People round up scooters, throw them in their truck or car and charge them at home then put them back out ready for the next day in exchange for some cash per scooter charged. I've even seen the homeless collect them and charge them at power sockets in parks.
  4. Oh wow. I guess he never did finish the boat. Last I saw of him was on one of the narrowboatexperience's lockdown videos.
  5. Is the '3' fast enough for TV streaming? The 500MB on EE doesn't sound like enough.
  6. Normally when gear gets donated to a channel the vlogger tends to plug it, or at least "review" it.
  7. With a large enough audience it can be quite a bit. It's not something most vloggers put hard numbers to but this guy reviewing solar products is making $5,500-8,000 a month from youtube ads alone. Narrowboating is such a small niche with limited appeal to overseas markets that I don't see it ever being such a big money maker. Boating beyond has just 5k subscribers vs that guy's 345k, so scaling linearly (which is unlikely) that's $80-116/month. David from "cruising the cut" has described his youtube earnings as "pocket money", which sounds about right.
  8. You can save a lot of power by not using the humidifier/heated hose but based on what I've read of people running their CPAPs on portable batteries I don't think it'll be an issue so long as you're able to top the batteries off during the days (so solar in the summer, marina hookup or engine usage in winter). If you can't measure a night's power usage take a look at some of the camping forums to see what people are powering theirs with, some people are reporting several days usage off of a regular deep-cycle battery.
  9. Youtuber MyNarrowboatVenture has that Aldi fridge. He talks about it in this video and this one.
  10. The sign has been gone for a month or so but the mooring still has a fare schedule listed at where2moor.
  11. Yeah, what you're describing sounds exactly like the Coleman camp oven @Jinna mentioned. They work but you have to control the gas to maintain temperature yourself. There's also portable propane oven/hob combos.
  12. I think their search is broken. That one Dreadnaught one shows up when searching for "Reading" as it's the only one with Reading in the name, nothing shows up when searching by postcode but the map view zoomed on Reading still shows 6, that are listed on their main page including * Tesco (Coal Woodland) @ Thames Path, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 8DF * Chestnut Walk @ Off Forbury Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 3JA * Queens Road @ Queens Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 4AR
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