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  1. Thanks, glad I asked, have leant a lot. Much appreciated
  2. Thanks Dave, wise words (on a couple of counts!)
  3. Surly its not an bad idea though if you just treat it like you normally would i.e. only turn it on when you need to top it up, and keep an eye on it? If I leave the hose running too long at the moment I risk a flood, I just want to avoid having to run it out and connect it each time. I can't see why the risk would be any greater or am I missing something? I would happily disconnect it and plug it at the standpipe end, so no risk when not connected
  4. Thank you all so much for your replies to this, it is genuinely much appreciated. Less thanks to the few who were a wee bit more negative. Blizzard, your reply seems to give me the best solution, silicone bungs it is! I had not planned to leave an open tap connected to my boat, just a connected link, so I think the sinking issue is unlikely (and indeed the tank has an overflow that goes overboard). Cheers everybody!
  5. Hello, I'm a clueless newbie and have jumped in with both feet, I have a beautiful 70 foot widebeam that I couldn't be happier with and I'm just spending my third week onboard. I have a particular question which relates to water supply - I'm in a marina and have a water supply from the pedestal where I'm moored and I wonder if there is a hygienic way of making a permanent hookup (well ,until we cruise) from the tap to my water tank, not so that the tap is always on but just so that I can leave the hose in place (with the nozzle I assume sealed/screwed into the tank inlet) without having to clamber along the 4 centimetre wide gunwales when I need a new tankfull! Any wisdom much appreciated, Jason
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