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  1. Actually I will still be looking as the bedsit is just a short term fix, at 55 I did not intend to be living in a bed sit for longer than I have to. Dozee
  2. Hi all an update, the one at Whilton is under offer and not by me, i was going to book a survey but now back to searching, will keep looking , but on the brigher side im hoping to see a single bedroom bedsit this week. Dozee
  3. Will be phoning them Sunday, to see if I can wrangle a visit, don't need to meet him just need the boat opened up for a view the same as the other marina did, will ask all the questions then and possibly look to try and book a survey Dozee
  4. Took Ally's advice and looked some more in the area suggested and went down the list of marinas looking at what they had and then saw snuggle lol, I like it a lot, it does have a stove in the listing and photos, have spoken to them and a visit is a no no, will be speaking to them again on sunday(fred), whats their reputation like? https://www.whiltonmarina.co.uk/used-narrowboats/details/5394.aspx Dozee
  5. i will try to resize the other photos in the next day or 2, what questins should i be asking of the sales people, have to sleep now as up early, thanks all Dozee
  6. I will have to resize images Dozee
  7. Trying to add another of the engine bay but won't let me? Dozee
  8. Ok so went and viewed, stepping on board i could not smell damp only that musty smell of being closed up, I checheck in cupboards and drawers and anyplace i could for damp bloom and could not find any. I actually felt comfortable with the boat as in wanting to be on it and doing the work. The interior is tired, dated and needing a revamp, to me it does not to be a major hurdle by doing it in stages, and I could get the space i want and need from it, have pictures of engine bay ect if anyone wants to see and give an opinion Dozee
  9. Lol to the young part, I'm 55 next month Dozee
  10. Lots of varying opinions and thoughts here, sadly circumstances for me dictate a need for a roof over my head apart from the car in about 4 weeks or so, I do have a bit more money handy to get me started on a refurb, I have done houses before and have more than enough tools on hand and also work in the timber industry so get a very nice discount Dozee
  11. Thats good to know, absolutely no chance of going that high, wish I could, I would book a full inspection/survey before parting with cash, am thinking to reverse the layout and reduce to 1 berth with more living space as I'm single, was thinking of offering 30k cash. Can still do viewings but with gloves on ect Dozee
  12. Lol, layout and decor, new kitchen by the looks, I am viewing it Thursday morning. Dozee
  13. Hi all due to things iam looking a buying a nb as a home and project, here is what i am looking at, feedback very much appreciated and thoughts on price, also looking at residential mooring at Thames Ditton marina as closer to work. https://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec.php?Make=Narrowboat&Model=57-Pinder-Boats-Semi-Trad&BoatID=7637650 Dozee
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