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  1. If a boat hasn't moved for a " years" its under enforcement action and there's nothing you can do about it until the court process has reached a conclusion. The whole CRT system is patrolled every ten days by licence and mooring checkers, there are no forgotten about boats mooring for year's in one spot.
  2. 99% of boaters don't need to use rust converters they just splash it about for no reason just because it's the new " must have " fashion. Mostly they are wasting their time and money and don't even know what the purpose of these products really are.
  3. People who want more restrictions are just adult babies that can't moor exactly where they want every time, with a perfect view, near a pub or on piling ,they think they are more important than anyone else, usually because their boat is worth more. They are the ones that invent the idea that others are "hogging" the moorings. You have to take what you get wherever you go, that's always been the case.
  4. It's a Yanmar L100 copy, the lever is in the run position, the smaller lever above the oil filler is the stop lever. If it turns over and won't start with the lever in the run position and the decompressor lever not in operation there is no fuel. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.winget.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/YANMAR-L40-L100-SERIES-WORKSHOP-MANUAL.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiYjNmJ5bzxAhVeQUEAHVKQA8YQFjAAegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw3SwuWCyJFmIXBhfhwGMsU6 It's more likely 5.2 kw / 6 kva.
  5. Wrong. Self identified Gypsy and Travellers are 0.1% of the UK population and massively over represented in the prison population at 5 %. Some individual prisons hold 12% .
  6. Does the term " Traveller " represent you as a boater or do you feel the term has negative connotations due to the criminal and antisocial behaviour of the group commonly known as " Travellers " ?
  7. We are all operating under a pleasure boat licence that is claimed to be both statutory and a civil contract at the same time, why bother discussing it anymore until this question is answered? It's like discussing the decorating before the foundations have been finished.
  8. Told you all years ago that unless the question of whether boaters are bound by a the statutory licence conditions or contract terms and conditions invented by CRT is answered it will keep coming back to bite licence holders on the arse, as CRT carry on what is in my unqualified opinion a fraud. That question comes down to their bogus interpretation of one paragraph of the 1962 Transport Act which BW until post 1995 never even claimed they had the power to add terms and conditions to the licence and their barrister told parliament that in the 1995 BW act bill . If they had such powers since 1962 the 1995 act would have been unnecessary to put before parliament they could have just set out a contract and avoid BW, parliamentary lawyers and all user groups wasting years of work and also cut through all legal red tape and cancel licence contracts when ever they liked.
  9. Anyone charging an e bike battery from solar or off grid sources? Could I do a 6 mile journey once a week on the towpath just on solar charging ?
  10. No many people know that there are free public orchards hidden away just beside Peartree bridge and another south of Fenny Statford.
  11. Many years on this stretch we whittled it down to these best moorings for us, from north to south.. 1/2 mile before Wolverton station by Deans road industrial estate, if you moor by the station bridge further on you get the main line trains thundering past. Short walk to Tesco, Asda and Farmfoods. Target turn bridge, Stanton low country park, lovely peaceful rural spot with an ASDA store 10 mins walk away. Linford manor or Giffard park, CO-OP 10 mins walk away. Campbell park for MK centre, walk through park or bus stops there every 15 mins. Pear tree bridge, CO-OP in Netherfield , launderette and a good Chinese takeaway in marina. Fenny Stratford lock, big retail park 10 mins walk away. Stoke Hammond, small village shop sells fresh bread baked locally. Three locks, farm above top lock sells home reared meats, sausages and bacon.
  12. For what? The best solution for rust is to remove it then paint it with an oxide primer onto the bare steel, the oxides must be in contact with the steel to inhibit corrosion, if you use rust converter it no longer is.
  13. Massively over used product which a fair proportion of the users on boats are just wasting their time and money, it has a specific use in industry but it's not a miracle product you need to coat everything in. It's another boat owners fad probably stoked up by waterways magazines who get a bung for promoting it.
  14. Hands up who wants neighbouring boats burning sewage every day .???
  15. Vapoursng fuels like petrol will work out in the open air but confined in a stove you risk an explosion, don't even think about it. With oil fuel you can top it up while it's burning no problem.
  16. Run out of coal ? Coal boat not due for a week ? Tin can 3/4 full of ash and top up with old Diesel, old brush cleaner or used oil ( which you collected from the bins for free because you're crafty ) . Warm it up with some kindling or a gas torch and away you go. Bigger the can the more heat, a catering size tin is good.
  17. Correct but we don't use it near anyone else, were on a mooring and it only runs power tools for a hour a week in total.
  18. If anyone's got a SUMO SMK36GEN I need to know the capacitor value, which should be a black block with two terminals behind the front panel, marked uf.
  19. No connectors but the cables are easy to access. My feeling is a fisherman cast a weight on it, I heard this happen a few days ago but I never saw the panel was smashed last the time.
  20. I have 4x 125w panels wired series / parallel and one has been smashed, I'm very busy right now so can I just leave it like it is or should I disconnect the broken panel asap ? 3 panels will be under the max voltage of my charger so I will rewire them in series at some point.
  21. Since the hype on these things is still going strong I had a rummage in the steel scrap bin and made an ersatz version which took all of 15 mins. I tested it out with 12 nuts of Stoveglow and it burnt for 7.5 hours for a medium heat on a not very cold night, the next night I put 12 nuts of the same in a pyramid on the grate and they burnt for 5.5 hrs on the same air control, so taking into account the variables and only one test result that was mostly by eye as to the end of timing, no significant difference. Having said that I tested it out with house coal and i did see an effect , it slowed down the burning rate and burnt steadily up the stack and stopped the usual situation of the whole lot burning off the tar at once and choking itself with thick smoke, the large amount of powdery white ash that's usually left behind after burning house coal was not there. So this cage might have an unintentional use, but I believe bituminous coal is going to be banned for household use soon so that may well be of no use. I still have no evidence its not just snake oil.
  22. On the low end shells they are now doing without any cabin framing and relying on spray foam to stop it wobbling like a big jelly. I saw a widebeam the other day where the roof sheets were only welded on the inside and the outside was just left butted up.
  23. I've often wondered about that , it looks like they haven't finished it or couldn't be bothered to ( I worked in welding and fabrication ) and the effort required to taper the roof sheet and pull the cabin sides in to follow the gunwale is a couple of hours work .
  24. Probably this cabin extension ? Seems to have been built without knowing bridge holes are arched ?
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