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  1. Mine has a 16ah lithium ion battery. It’s the smallest one of the range. Physically it’s about the size of a shoe box.
  2. Hi, I have one of the Jackerys, I think it is the 240 model which is I think the smallest one they do. Cost me about £250. I take Tony’s point about just fitting a battery etc but if your son just wants a little simple neat portable power I think they’re just the ticket. There’s a simple easy to understand display which shows it’s level of charge. Cigarette socket type and USB sockets and a small inverter. It can run my 230v stereo and portable TV. Can be charged from a 230v socket or car cigarette lighter socket. You can also buy a small solar panel to charge it but I haven’t got one of those. I’ve had mine about a year and had no problems with it.
  3. Hi all, just a quick update and a thank you for the advice that assisted me in locating the problem. I found that the negative cable from the battery bank at the inverter terminal was quite corroded causing a poor connection. An hour or so of gentle pursuasion and some WD40 managed to separate the two, luckily without damaging either. A clean up with a wire brush and some vaseline and it's all up and working again. Thanks again for the advice. Regards, Michael.
  4. Hi all, just seeking any recomendations for a tradesman to fit me a new inverter charger in the Yelvertoft Northamptonshire area. Many thanks, Michael.
  5. Hi Tony, thank you for the advice. The voltage showing at the battery terminals and at the inverter end of the supply cables are the same. I have tried to remove the cables where they connect into the inverter to examine and clean the connections. They are fixed with alum key bolts which are so corroded they sheered off. Im guessing the terminals under will be in an equally poor state if I can get the cables off without destroying the inverter connections.
  6. Hi Tracy and floating male and thankyou for the advice. I have checked the voltage at the batteries with a meter and with the engine running the voltage stays up around 14v whilst the voltage shown on the inverter display immediately drops to around 10v as soon as the load is switched on.
  7. Hi all, I have an old (15 years) Sterling pure sine wave inverter which when I try to use suffers from a significant voltage drop. I thought the issue was knackered batteries so have fitted three brand new 105AH FLA but the problem persists. When standing with no load the inverter shows the batteries at 12.7v. When I start the engine the reading goes up to about 14v. As soon as I put a load on from even a small 250w appliance (a small portable washing machine with no water heater) the voltage immediately drops to around 10v and the inverter shuts down. Just wondering if anyone could suggest what the problem may be (apart from the decrepit age of the invereter). Many thanks, Michael.
  8. No bow thruster. The stainless tank is just square and not tailored to the shape of the space so a lot of potential capacity lost. Down to cost I would presume.
  9. Hi all, what would you say is the best thing about living aboard and what is the worst?
  10. Hi Tomire, ours is a stainless tank under the front deck, 550 litres. Personally I wouldn't want an integral tank for pretty much the reasons given previously by IanD. Our tank lasts two of us at least a week but we can easily double that if we are just a bit mindful of our water use. Best of luck with the boat.
  11. Another vote for the boatman stove. Quite compact and easy to control. Heats my 57 foot boat fine. The guy who makes them also fitted it for me along with a new flu about three years ago and I’m still happy with it. Can’t recall exactly what it cost all in but recall thinking the price was very reasonable at the time.
  12. Good luck to them. The article mentions one reason people choose to live on a boat is to live more sustainably. Can't really see that burning diesel, gas and solid fossil fuels on a boat is anymore sustainable than using fossil fuels in a house, or that building your home out of steel any more sustainable than building it from brick.
  13. Hi all, presuming you’ve all been good boys and girls what boaty or otherwise stuff do you hope Santa will be bringing for you?
  14. Thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was the same thing.
  15. Hi, my boat was built in 2006 and I bought it in 2018 from the guy who had it from new. The hull is stamped with a serial number described in the builders paperwork as a “Hin” and a “Cin” number. None of the paperwork mentions RCD but there is a document called a declaration of conformity. It’s signed and dated by the builder and lists a load of ISO and British Standards that the boat complies with.
  16. I feel so sorry for this poor young woman, I hope it works out for her. I guess the main hurdle will be proving that the boat was in this condition three years ago when the surveyor examined it. The problem with any kind of expert evidence in court is whatever one expert opinion says you can always find another to give a contrary view to fit your case.
  17. Thanks for the advice Tony. You could well be right as the calorifier is only about six feet from the bathroom sink and shower and about ten feet from the galley sink.
  18. Thanks for the advice. My calorifier, pump, accumulator and associated gubbins is all housed under the bed which has to be taken apart to get a clear view of everything. I'll have to have a good look to see if there's an expansion vessel hiding in there. Interestingly I don't get the burst of cold water before hot from the hot tap you mention but conversly when I have a tank of hot water my cold tap runs warm for a few seconds before coming through cold.
  19. Mmm interesting. I don't think my system has an expansion vessel fitted, just an accumulator, I think I would have seen it unless it's really tucked away. I shall have to have a good root around and follow the hot pipes to check. I wouldn't know if the PRV activates regularly as it is vented overboard rather than into the bilge.
  20. From what I understand your PRV appears to be doing what it should, releasing water pressure from your calorifier as the engine runs, heating the water causing its volume to expand. The problem is your vent pipe has been run into your bilge which I think is quite a common set up. I presume you rely on a bilge pump to pump it out? Mine is vented directly overboard via a skin fitting so the bilge stays dry.
  21. Hi good luck with your boat search. One big negative is the price of boats at the moment. I bought mine four years ago and at the time had a budget of 50k. Judging by the brokerage websites I think I would have had to add another 15k to that budget to get the same today. I think it’s a temporary blip and sooner or later prices will settle a little. Also remember to leave some of your budget for alterations, repairs and equipment replacement. Even if you buy well there will be things you need or want to replace or change. Everything with the word “boat” or “marine” on it will be twice the price you expect. That said if it’s something you are sure you want then go for it and best of luck.
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