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  1. Thank you very much I will try that
  2. I’m guessing I brought the boat 3 yrs ago and the batteries I was told was new just before I brought it I have added 2 x solar panels 710 total No No idea at all Does this help
  3. I'm after picking your brain setting up Victron BMV-700 it asked amp hours my batteries are AH115 each X4 do I put in 115 or 460 because I have 4 batteries Thank you for helping
  4. Alarm setting I have my low voltage power setting at 11.4 is this ok 115ah batteries x4
  5. Best leisure battery I have AH 115 is it best to have high Amp hour like 200 a/h
  6. I piggy back a smart car 🚗 with folding bike very easy to park no problem yet 3 years on the boat and I drive back home that is 4/5 hours away
  7. Hi I am able to remove the glass in my potholes 13.5” i’m trying to find a way of storing them by fixing them to the wall beneath the porthole I’m trying to find fixings to hold them there does anybody have any ideas
  8. I’m looking for wooden to match the rest of the boat
  9. I’ve got 2x small wooden tiller arm storage blocks and I would like more but can not found what they’ll called please help
  10. I have the same problem so I’ve drilled 8mm hole in the brass runner and countsunk it it works very well
  11. Thank you I have rang and found them very helpful going to Sign up today
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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