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  1. We are on electric hook up, we normally leave all the windows open and have no heating on.
  2. Hi all we are at the boat but obviously will be leaving to return home for the lockdown (I am a paramedic and will have to work). Previously I have never ‘winterised’ the boat as I have continued to use it through the winter (3 years). what do people think we should do in prep to leave her for a month (and who knows how much longer?) . We are in a marina at Tewkesbury and the boat will be monitored thanks
  3. Hi - i can see you have had a vast number of answers on this so you may already have made a decision. I cant comment on the cost as i paid nearly as much (with all the money i have spent on it) on a similar boat. Buy it - if you are really stressed you can get it overplated for about 4k and you may not need to do this for a while
  4. Born in 1993 on the Mon and brec - not the wife - the boat :
  5. Dear all, in true and fantastic canalworld.net tradition this has turned into a multifaceted strokey beard discussion about all sorts of things that are not quite relevant to my initial question I will pm him to find out the cunning plan and thank you all for your entertaining but quite barking comments
  6. Hi Hive mind So if i went mad and decided to convert my old boat (which probably needs a new engine soon) to electric - who would people recommend i talked to and what would be a rough cost (compared to an engine replacement)?
  7. Hi all am not new to boating (have had boat 3 1/2 years) but am new from July on the Avon and have got a marina slot At Tewkesbury we have had a great summer but this is the first flood (we went out before the storm but moored up before storm Alex arrived) any advice on time for river to become navigable again and what the flow rates are (engine was only 21HP when new 30 years ago!) and the likely time warning we get for flood conditions? i want to keep using the boat through winter as I did on the mon and brec if possible any advice or tips welcome, I am on the email alert system but can’t get the text warnings to work
  8. Hi both - I had thought of this (how to fit/shaft length etc). I would not be using it to replace the engine - just as a 'get you out of jail free' card - that must be the reason so many yogurt pots have them surely? (and i am looking at engine replacement but reluctant to do this until the engine finally dies)
  9. Hi Hive mind - question for you : I am currently moored at Tewkesbury (for the next 12 months) and therefore need to get up - against the flow!! - of the Avon and Severn. While my old and tired engine can just about do this, I do get worried about what happens if i break down. Breaking down and my engine are not unconnected and this stresses me as i really dont want to have to use my anchor and wait for help. So - what do people think about an outboard as an emergency get you home engine? Also what HP would i need to creep home (10 ton 45 ft V hull narrowboat) thoughts? oh - and i could potentially use it to assist my rather tired 3cylinder 21HP (in 1993 so likely to be somewhat less now) in pushing against the flow. Boat was originally build and therefore engine'd for the Mon and Brec
  10. PS yes it’s scruffy- have been boating more days than not since the end of lockdown and it was blacked just before I went out - the locks in the Stratford are bloody tight when at low water - hence scrapes Brilliant
  11. Hi all, I have 3 fender mounting points along my 45ft boat, I have fenders tied on with rope at the moment but am considering (advice please) using shackles or other quick release metal - can I have your thought please hive mind :)
  12. Ditch - 'drop out' - sometimes stays in gear but output reduces, on other occasions it goes into neutral but with the engine running at the revs selected. Does that make sense? Old - Engine bay is clean as as part of the work we commissioned on the back of the survey - they cleaned it (and serviced engine, heater, electrics etc). New exhaust came about as old one blew on first trip out So in total this is what we have had done: Replated area at stern which was down to 3.5 mm, elsewhere all was 8mm++. New skeg (previous rusted). Engine bay clean and engine service New batteries (leisure and starter) Heating service - Ersbacher (cant spell it) Black to gunnels and new blacking Paint boat one colour but well - looks fab Every other niggle or issue in survey report (did a full and complete survey) New exhaust new pipes for swim tank/engine alternator fix to charge start battery (there are two alternators and the small one for the start battery was not working) Clean and repaint internal water tank fix shower (new pump) fix and new gas pipe and regulator quite a lot when you look at it - and I am sure there was more than that!! Have done about 150 hours of engine use this summer - and seen the mon and brec at its most beautiful - the pubs are good too!!
  13. So, just to summarise the position so far for my little brain: Check lever on side of gearbox for travel and adjust check oil and ensure is correctly filled with the right oil (some debate but need to know exact gearbox) if none of this works I am doomed to 'Bring out another thousand' (BOAT) and get a replacement gearbox and I will do the course Thank you all very much - any further thoughts please add
  14. I wonder if it is worth doing a full replacement of engine/gearbox etc as it is likely the engine is in a similar state? would this be a cheaper in the long run approach and how much!! We really like the boat layout etc and have brought her fully back to life and would like to keep her for many years to come - thoughts?
  15. rose - thanks, depressing but hey ho that's the way it goes I suppose. Will obviously check oil and other advice first - well done on knowing the type of box!! How much is a replacement? I definitely get loss/drop out of drive - yes there is the leaf issue which was bad last couple of days, but this was a clear drop out of drive not just leaves.
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