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  1. Update: changed air filter and went out for 90 mins with engine under load. No smoke and tick over better. When I pushed the engine it did smoke but at standard revs no smoke. So I think the main issue was air filter but there are obviously other issues. Main thing is that I can move her for servicing which will hopefully sort out the other issues. Thanks for advice all.
  2. The mobile data systems on vehicles are sent location data by the CAD, this then instructs the sat nav to get to an address. This can sometime go wrong due an incorrect ‘entry point’ or not having an an update with the latest housing/roads etc.
  3. I will try cleaning it up tomorrow - on wine now
  4. So vetus was obviously working in 1993, however did thornycroft (and others maybe) convert/use mitsubishi as a base or is it likely to be a Mitsubishi marine engine? Any idea of power? I see that the current vetus 3cylr are 27hp
  5. Why? I know about switch and tie down on battery, in answer to the other snide comment I think I am going to try for a refurb. However todo that I need to know make etc surely?
  6. Alan, I think all and any tools are useful, that is why control systems have so many different ways of putting a location into their systems, including talking to you, working out where you are and plotting it on the cad map. Whatever location is found is sent to the vehicle responding in the internal format of the organisation. Often it’s about getting a rough location to start with then firming it up as we are on route
  7. When and address is located (by whatever method) it confirms this in all formats (lat, long/postcode//w3w/os grid) don’t know why
  8. Hi all, I am trying to definitively identify my engine as it is old and tired and I may need to replace/upgrade. The boat was built in 1993 in Wales as a hire boat and I have been told by a number of engineers it is a thornycroft/vetus/Mitsubishi. I do not have a manual and I believe it may be a Mitsubishi K3 but don’t know model, the heat exchanger part no is for a k3 and this (photo ) number is stamped on the back of the engine above the gearbox. Any ideas on this? Power?
  9. Hi all, while my control experience is a couple of years out of date I am still working for the service (part time on the road) and can see that the Control computer assigns w3w to all calls as part of location finding.
  10. Hi all, thank you for the advice, have edited first post with update Update: have come back to the boat and found that the air filter is shockingly filthy. Have ordered new one! This may explain pattern of issue and problem initially I came on for as it has occurred after I have been running the engine for a number of hours. currently plan - new filter, run engine at load for hours to see if problem reoccurs. Have not put that stuff in
  11. The other issue is that police and ambulance services (as they are both the busiest with around 18000 calls per day each nationally) use prioritisation, therefore text only will not get a high priority (it may get a second or third priority but not top) fire take about 2500 calls per day nationally and coastguard 50 (from the 999 system, they also get radio calls) and I believe these services don’t prioritise but am not sure. I do think w3w is a good idea but as with all things use what ever works best for you. The vast majority of ambulance 999 calls are located from CLI and postcode data
  12. Hi, yes we get a position from a mobile phone. However this come up as an ellipse area on our mapping. This area can be very big (miles) as it depends how many mast the phone can see and therefore the triangulation can be no use compared to w3w. Does that make sense?
  13. Hi all, I am the previous manager of Welsh and South West Ambulance Control rooms. I have to say that W3W is a very good idea and easy to use/compatible to computer systems. You have to remember that in an emergency the caller is not normally calm and collected so anything which makes location finding easier is a very good idea
  14. Tony - if i have to explain something i understand to someone who has no experience of it i do not just put complex shit in there then tell them they are stupid and wasting my time when they dont understand it. I understand that people dont want to condescend but you have to find a balance - and this thread has not been reasonable.
  15. by the way everyone else - not everyone, or even the majority of people know how to do the things you so blithely describe. I am a paramedic and dont expect any of you know how to do some of the stuff i do. It takes time and effort to learn this stuff and i am trying so the general dismissal of what i thought was not an unreasonable question is not much fun or helpful.
  16. ok thanks Tony - however marina does not have engineer so will have to talk to bloke who was planned to do work and see where we go from there. I gather from the rather universal opinion on here that no one thinks these products are any good or worth using.
  17. Look i can do without the abuse tbf, I have done a basic course with RCR, I know if theory how it works - but in practice i have no idea. Actually if i wanted to be slated i could go elsewhere. I have previously found this site to be very helpful - but not this time.
  18. ok - check air filter - next on list (at least i know where that is, i am not sure you realise the depth of ignorance you are dealing with here)
  19. i just asked for a plan - and why - please explain rather than assume i know why
  20. ok - so if the consensus is that it is not gasket what is my plan?
  21. ok - thanks for advice and maybe i am going down wrong road. Would the additive be a bad idea anyway? (obvs some people on here are saying it would be a stupid thing to do). Here are some pics of the engine from a year ago. Since then there has been oil leak with emulsified/white addition under engine and this is what she was going for repair for (renew electrical connections, take out engine, clean bay, renew ?bottom gasket - all as suggested by RCR person who came to see boat when i broke down). engine plates
  22. My rationale for using this stuff before expensive (as i cant do it) work on the engine is: the way my engine has been behaving (misbehaving) certainly seems to fit the descriptions of head gasket sorry if i haven't described well the engine is 30 years old and certainly in need of replacement as i believe (have owned 4 years) has been badly maintained i need it to work well enough to get to an engineer (am at tewkesbury and need to get to evesham/driotwich) and even when it was working i struggle against the current on the avon let alone the severn Am open to other suggestions
  23. havent got current pics - going back to try the stuff (as i said cant make it worse tbf) and will load some then (only got old ones)
  24. depressing - i have no idea at all how to start fixing what you have described!!
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