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  1. Hello, sadly it has come to the time when I have to replace my black tank for my dump through (it's not pleasant!) Ideally looking for plastic, but not sure if you can have a plastic tank that the toilet sits on?? Otherwise looking for my mild steel. I'm on the K&A but can travel to collect! Would also could consider a second hand macerator system with/without tank. Thanks all.
  2. Hi It's a Mitsubishi K3M I believe fitted my FMK Boatserve (no longer active) it's the blue one, have read they made a block for Vetus too, but maybe wrong on that. Thanks for the help to both of you ? Have been tearing my hair out thinking it was my gasket repair skills, so it all makes a lot more sense now. Will find and order a new pump and the all should be well (until the next problem). The pump looks like the original, so it hasn't done bad for almost thirty years.
  3. Think I've got it now. So internally behind the impeller? And therefore it will start the come through the front, where the drive belt attachment is bolted on? If that's the case, then that makes perfect sense, if not then please correct!! Thanks both for the advice, very very welcome. A quick question would be, is eBay my best bet? Thank you.
  4. Thanks Tony, just as a learning because I don't yet understand! How has the pump failed? The impeller is metal and has no damage, and it is not a sealed unit, so just bolts in with gasket to the back of the block. Is there something I'm missing about it? It's an AISIS for a Mitsubishi. Thanks in advance.
  5. Right, quick explain, had a diesel heater fitted which went a bit wrong! Have a Mitsubishi marinised 3 cylinder engine, which had an air lock due to not bleeding keel cooler. Noticed a weep under fuel pump, so decided to change seals as the originals were not in good health. I now have a coolant leak out of the weep hole on the water pump, and am losing a lot of coolant. Is it just a sign that the gasket in the water pump is not sealing or is it something more serious? I've gone around the houses the last week, so could do with some advice! Thank you.
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