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  1. Do you need navigation lights? My 'tunnel light' is broken as I realised when trying to turn it on a couple of weeks ago after dusk!
  2. It's a small world. I've owned Ajax less than a month so just getting the hang of things. Thanks again for your help. There's an element of advance planning needed when you are an inexperienced boater with an elderly relative. Top of the lock it is then. This is a very short trial run with Mum and Dad. If it works ok longer voyages will follow soon enough!
  3. Thanks. Dad is over 80 and has limited mobility so will drop him off right outside the pub then moor up below.
  4. So I'm still a newbie and planning to cruise over to the Grove Lock Inn on Sunday with Mum and Dad to show off the boat and get a nice meal. Coming up the GU from the Leighton Buzzard direction. Can someone with local knowledge please help by letting me know: - where can I turn either below or above the lock (only 47' long) - any idea how busy it gets on a Sunday? Booked the table but the guy taking the booking had no idea about mooring Thanks for any help...
  5. Lol. Thanks for that. The name was significant for the last owner 15 years ago. . We are renaming and repainting in the near future.
  6. Jak

    Aylesbury arm

    Yes. The new basin is all done now and all the boats moved from the old one in the centre of Aylesbury. Great new facilities and a friendly welcome to visiting boats. Dry dock, water, pump-out, diesel and club house. Find the welcome boat and Bryan will be able to help.
  7. Jak

    Aylesbury arm

    Hi. I came up the arm from Circus Field to Leighton Buzzard weekend before last and all was working ok. Not aware of any issues. If in any doubt contact the ACS http://www.aylesburycanal.org.uk/. Nice bunch of people and always happy to receive visitors at Circus Field basin. I'm bias being a member
  8. My new boat (and first boat) at home in Leighton Buzzard
  9. Very true. Still in my first month of ownership.
  10. It doesn't sound like the peaceful spot where I've an on-line mooring. No special brew / ghetto blaster incidents yet away! What are you considering?
  11. Good luck. I've not regretted buying mine a couple of weeks ago. Fun to have a project. Who wants a perfect boat anyway?!
  12. Subject to survey. Clear enough. As my surveyor said there is room for negotiation on the faults identified in the survey. The seller will know that if they lose you the next buyer will survey and find all the same issues. Just deduct repair costs and make a fair offer...
  13. Thanks. The OP is a beginner in this area and most likely will be shopping for said smart gauge. Any suggestions on which one or where to buy please??
  14. Hello. New to boating? Yes. Just bought AJAX A 47' 1980 traditional stern narrow boat. Originally based at Circus Field on the Aylesbury arm, but moved to our CRT mooring at Leighton Buzzard last weekend. A few jobs to do on the boat, but surveyor was happy with the basics which is all that matters. Will no doubt be relying on some experts on here for our first few months. Glad to be on-board!
  15. Thanks for the tips. They are sealed batteries. The voltmeter and table makes sense. But you are crediting me with too much understanding of electrics. How will an ammeter tell me % charge of the leisure batteries?
  16. Hi. I'm new and have recently bought a 1980 47' traditional stern boat. A few things to do, but all working well enough to get out and cruise. I've a very basic 12v system running from a pair of leisure batteries. From reading a couple of posts I'd like to know what charge level I've got (80%, 50%, etc.). Can someone recommend a peice of kit I can buy that would do this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. Hi. I've got the same cracked collar and found these links which may help: Where to buy the collar http://www.bowlandstoves.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=collar%20morso%20squirrel&PN=Morso-1410-1430-1440-Squirrel-Flue-Collar%2ehtml#SID=636 And a blog from a couple who did the job in a couple of hours and explain how http://patienceafloat.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/replacing-flue-collar-on-morso-squirrel.html This assumes the stove is solid otherwise of course... I just bought a solid working 47' 1990 boat for 25k and this is one of a few issues to be sorted DIY over the next few months. So long as the basics are there is fun to have a project. Good luck.
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