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  1. strange how things go around... Marcellus is moored at Talbot wharf for a while (again).
  2. purchased Juniper when he sold off the fleet. 58 ft ten berth!! Sabb engine. At the time he took one down to Little Venice for those in the South who wished to view. When purchased the first cruise was from Stenson to Fradley moorings.
  3. Good idea thanks. I had not realised there was that facility. Regards
  4. Hello All, Does anyone know how I might get a message to Pete Harrison? Regards
  5. ah I did not know that, but I assume that I am right in thinking it is the same butty as in the video, the topic of the thread
  6. great video... anyone know what the GU butty moored below Braunston bottom lock was? about 29 minutes in....
  7. I try my best!!...she was very well behaved this Summer during my 500 odd mile trip and Hi from me... Hello, good to meet you on the Thames this year. All the best.
  8. Marcellus (the stern end) moored in Limehouse this Summer....during the 'big loop'
  9. as seen on September 5th....
  10. Purchased Juniper from the same fleet. Although the regs papers stated Beech. Again all fitted with SABB engines and originally ten berth. Barrington bashers as they were known. I heard that Juniper is still on the system somewhere. Does anyone know where? Regards
  11. Hi All, Who owns these boats now? Regards
  12. PLW


  13. PLW


  14. Is TOW the same type as 'KEW' that I spotted recently?
  15. Yes thanks for that I have taken a note. Sorry I did not acknowledge. Regards
  16. Evidently craftsmaster still have the colour on file but do not list it on the web site. Thanks for all of your help etc. Regards
  17. Craftmaster do a Union Blue which is the correct match for the darker but not a Grand Union Pale blue on the current web site. I wrongly chose wedgwood blue first off as it looked correct on the web site but not in reality. Many thanks for the link.
  18. Hello All, I am trying to locate a supplier of the light blue as used in some GUCC livery. I have the darker blue matched but not the light. Can anyone suggest a supplier or know the correct name of colour? Regards
  19. they are both 'sunken' still. But the motor boat nearest the bank looks as though the side cabin has had some work done. I will try to take some photos next time I pass by.
  20. Hi there, I was cruising past the sad remains of the above pair the other day near Shrewley and there was a gent 'aboard' who stated that he was going to try to get the water out. Was that anyone on here? Regards
  21. Via flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/plw1053/ If that does not work see below https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1164986820219657&type=1 Great photos Regards Paul
  22. I think that the edit works quite well!!! Regards
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