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  1. Do you know if castle cruisers are still going as a hire base Do you know if castle cruisers are still going as a hire base
  2. this may be the one but the only thing that doesnt match up is the engine im pretty sure that this juniper has a vetus 2 cylinder,.. it also has an extended front cratch that takes up over half of the boat like a trad motor,
  3. i think this may be the same company i must've incorrectly remembered the lengths of the boats, i think they were based on springers with vetus engine perhaps, there is a boat continuosly cruising the oxford at the moment with the name juniper, i think it may be from the fleet,...
  4. i was wondering about a series of boats built by roger barrington in calcutt in the late 70s, they were all 47 footers and were hire boats based at calcutt marina, roger barrington sold all of them in '81 they were called walnut, grey poplar, fir and juniper the one i am interested in is juniper, does anyone have any info???
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