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  1. My fresh water tank was integral in the hull and was grim, so I cleaned it out and dried it, then dropped a pair of plastic tanks in there which were exactly the size of the inspection cover. One slid forward of the inspection hatch once dropped through giving 2 tanks inline, connected with a pipe at the bottom. This gives 250L of drinkable fresh water and works a treat. See grippatank.co.uk
  2. Thanks - good idea - it's 15+ years since I visited NVR, so must go again!
  3. Hi all, Canalplan gave me Waters Edge Marina on the River Nene as an overnight stop on a trip I'm planning from the Ely Ouse to Gayton junction. However on the Canalplan information page, it say's "Private Moorings - No Access". Does anyone know whether I would be able to stop over here for the night? Thanks in advance!
  4. One to consider for the future - I have an ASDA SIM, and I buy a £5 data only bundle which lasts a month (and so far I've never used all the monthly allowance). If you don't have a bundle and buy ordinary credit, it doesn't expire at month end - just when you've used it all.
  5. Since I posted the original message I have found a snapped off white cable roughly attached to a bunch of other cables, which is hanging below this sensor. Certainly corroborates your description. Many thanks for your detailed reply - now I know I don't need to worry about the damaged sensor as there is an overheat switch (which I'll test).
  6. Hi all, Is the horizontal device (with a bolt head, next to the hose) in attached photo a coolant temperature sensor? I ask because the small black wire to earth is no longer attached and the temp. gauge is showing zero, so I'm wondering if this is related? Many thanks!
  7. I've got 1/4" pipes from the stern deck drains into the side of the weed hatch with no non-return valves etc. and they work well, with no back wash. As mentioned in other replies, I would probably have used bigger bore if I was doing it again.
  8. I suspected this might be the case. It also seems that there are regional differences, i.e. busy canal centres in the Midlands vs. quiet East Anglia...
  9. Is the BSS getting tougher? My boat had dodgy wiring, gas piping with different diameters connected together (loosely), rusted through rear bulkhead, leaking hot water heater flue, jubilee clips on the fuel lines and had a newish BSS when I bought it last year!
  10. I "vacuumed" the bottom of the tank with a diaphragm pump last year, but it didn't seem to help much. Hopefully though this means the new filters / traps I have just fitted won't get too much water to deal with for a while ?
  11. I replaced the main filter, removed the little filter in the lift pump and fitted a big inline one, and cleaned out the water trap. They were full of gunk. She ticked over very nicely afterwards. Taking her out for a good long run at the weekend so I'll give it some welly and see how things go. Thanks again to all ?
  12. Thanks Tony - some really useful information here
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