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  1. Little Ricky Mira (can't see it in this thread). https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Canal-Narrow-Boats-for-sale/72ft-walker-and-ricky-star-class/252480?utm_source=newsnow&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=sailboats
  2. Yes, thanks Richard. It was nice to meet people. Apologies for not being very social due to cold. Doggo and I are on a train home to rest up.
  3. Am on the last train of my journey. What time are people commencing pubbage?
  4. Much to the dog's disgust, I would also like to go for a veggie option (he just got up off the sofa and moved to a chair as I typed that). Just the one though. Dog is getting dog food.
  5. I can't easily not bring the dog, I'm afraid. And he will love the banter, especially if there are other dogs there. I'm now hoping to do some boating on NYE, so will be heading off early in the morning anyway.
  6. I assume it is a) too late to come to the NYE meal now and b) that I wouldn't be able to, because I will have to bring my dog. I also assume it will be okay to bring a small, friendly dog to the main gathering? Just want to clarify before booking train tickets.
  7. I'm tempted to come if I can get it to work. Let me just look at trains from Cambridge/Ely and prices.
  8. Me too! I look forward to seeing pictures of your set-up on Indus when you get time.
  9. I have a mix of Velux windows (work well, but are not invisible under the cloths) and Channelglaze windows (as pictured above - these definitely have less of a profile) on Clypeus, which has a wooden cabin under the cloths. I am now curious about whether I could fix up some system for opening the cloths from inside as IanR described, because clambering onto wooden gunnels to roll and unroll them is a pain. With the double-glazed windows I find the cabin heats up a lot in summer, and I need the cloths down most of the time to stop the boat turning into a greenhouse, even with the windows cracked open, so not sure I would choose double glazing if I were fitting it out myself.
  10. Further to this, I am going ahead with moving into a flat (I currently live aboard Clypeus). I would very much like to still be involved with boating, however, so I am looking to set up some kind of shared ownership of the boat, so she can be worked on, go boating (she is delightful to boat on - she handles beautifully and the Lister JP2 is guaranteed to get attention from elderly men ) and hopefully get to historic boat rallies. She is a lovely historic boat (GUCCC Little Northwich) that is currently set up as an undercloth conversion. Please feel free to PM if you might be interested in such an arrangement, or if you can put me in contact with anyone who might be. I'd also be looking for a secure mooring somewhere on the canal system (am currently moored in Ely Marina, which is not ideal). I am setting up a website with more details, so watch this space!
  11. I may be putting Clypeus up for sale soon, as I am reluctantly concluding that it is a bit much for one inexperienced person to deal with, I'm not getting out an about on the boat as I had hoped to do and a lengthy and draining commute seems inescapable. Posting speculatively in case anyone is looking (hope this is okay?) - feel free to PM me for details. This will not be an easy decision as she is a lovely boat.
  12. Ah thanks. I was looking in the section of the site that was specific to my engine (thanks google!). I'll measure up and see what size I need.
  13. The brass tap on top of the manifold on my JP2 seized up, and in the process of attempting to fix it, it ended up in the river. We popped the cork from a whisky bottle in, which keeps the water inside the engine, but I'm wondering where I can get a replacement tap from? Is it safe to use without the tap? Is the tap just for use when draining the engine down? If so, we have plenty of whisky corks, or can easily drink more whisky.
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