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  1. There are special websites for that kinda thing, MTB. Ironically, thanks to likelihood of in-store CCTV, I suspect there is spectacular video footage of my vomitnami from the other side of the glass at M&S 🤔
  2. I would never cast nasturtiums on MTB. But neither would I drink his cider. (Not because he's in any way dubious, only because I had an incident with several ciders at a friend's 18th birthday party as a teenager, and ever since can't even smell the stuff without reliving the experience of vomiting up the window of M&S the next morning. Oh, and on to my boyfriend-at-the-time's black suede trainers too! (Never vomited on Tree Monkey's shoes, and that's because I'm such a catch 😂😉)) I don't doubt that to someone who has never regurgitated up a shop window, MTB's cider would be delicious and imbibed in perfect company
  3. I have very discerning taste, I'll have you know. 🤔 You do me a disservice. (And yourself)
  4. Electrical ponderence that I would like to understand, please: With the engine having been running for some time, and all the lights inside the boat turned on, the 8A fuse for the bedroom lighting circuit felt uncomfortably hot to the touch. It was the only fuse in the fuse box to feel hot. The fuse didnt blow. It had the same 13.66v reading across it that the other fuses had. (I've taken it out altogether for now, just in case) What are the likely causes of this heat? And is an 8A fuse a suitable size for a small lighting circuit? (One wall light with a small LED bayonette type car bulb, and up to two fluorescent ceiling light(s), containing 2 fluorescent tubes each) Should I replace the 8A fuse with a different rated fuse? Or the same again and just give the connections a clean up/emery board buff)? Thanks
  5. 🐒📈 Current Monkey grumpiness level: Dazed but Grinning Macaque
  6. Hmm... Monkey and strict instructions to see a doctor, eh...? It's not like he has previous with that. 🤔😶 (If there's a) next time, I'll need to strap him to a sack truck, kicking and screaming, and wheel him there myself 😉
  7. Monkey came home!!!! 😊💖
  8. For anyone still interested in how Tree Monkey is doing with his post-BCN disease: He's in hospital with suspected Weils Disease. They're keeping him in overnight. 🐒📈 Current Monkey grumpiness level: Narked Gibbon in Captivity
  9. For anyone interested in how Tree Monkey is doing with his post-BCN disease, he's picking up a bit. Paracetamol is keeping his temperature down, he's still sleepy, but he managed to eat a medicinal sausage this morning. 🐒📈 Current Monkey grumpiness level: Somewhat Peeved Capuchin
  10. Official BSP update on the poorly Monkey man: I've spoken with my pharmacist explaining the polluted water thing and his symptoms, and I bought a thermometer (well, technically two thermometers). I've checked the monkey temperature myself so he can't pretend he's better than he is! 🙄🐒 Fortunately, his temperature is a little high for him, but not too bad. And at least he's in bed and resting/dozing. He did a Covid test earlier and that was fine, apparently. Pharmacist destructions are for him to drink plenty of fluids, take paracetamol, and if his temperature reaches 38 degrees, it's doctor time for tests and possible antibiotics, due to yummy yummy Birmingham canal water. Hopefully it won't get to that. 🐒📈 Current Monkey grumpiness level: Livid Gorilla (As categorically the worst patient in the world, the GMS (Grumpy Monkey Scale) is the closest obtainable measurement of how poorly a Tree Monkey is at any one time. We're currently at Livid Gorilla which is nearly as poorly as man flu, and definitely more poorly than a hangover)
  11. Simian leptospirosis.... that'll intrigue NHS 111 You know him well.
  12. Who's given Monkey BCN flu? 🤔😉 He's been sounding like Barry White since Saturday, and now he looks this:
  13. Careful, Tatty Lucy. Barney is off his nut on energy drinks.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Doesn't Fertan have to be washed off? If so, using it on extensive roof rust will mean that washing it off causes the acid to run down the paintwork and windows too, doesn't it? Admittedly without the vinyl type coating, but would that acid not also damage the paintwork or window frames? Or is there a knack with Fertan to prevent that from happening?
  16. Lol. Been using that bottle for YEARS! 😃😃😃 Had no idea Vactan has an eat-by date. Well, I've learned that the (very) hard way.
  17. Sunny (not hot) and not particularly breezy. It sounds like what you describe is probably what happened, though. Possibly.
  18. So, here's a question: how do I prevent this from happening again when I de-rust the rest of the boat? I'm not sure what I did wrong. Like I said, when I left it about 4 or 5pm yesterday, the Vactan was already dry and clear (no longer off-white colour), little of the rust had yet turned blue-black though, and there were no dribbles at all. By this morning: Title scene from a horror film. I can't leave the remaining rust untreated forever (as tempting as that may be) So what can I do differently next time? 🤔
  19. I've not applied Vactan to the red or cream painted areas, only the blue. Any horizontal streaks in the cream would be accidental from the edge of the brush. The vertical streaks are coming from the blue above, trickling down over the cream and red, which haven't bled. ----- I mentioned to Tree Monkey yesterday that I thought it was strange that the Vactan hadn't turned all the roof rust a blue-blackish colour. Much of it remained brown last night, even though the Vactan had dried. I thought maybe it was because it's an old bottle of Vactan, it had possibly lost some of its potency. But this morning, all the roof rust has been converted to blue-black. So I suppose while that happened overnight, it produced all this horrid juice that's run down everything and dried on it. Maybe with the addition of rain or dew. Who knows? It looks a feckin sight, though. 😕
  20. I think you might be right I've now tried a sponge scourer with Ecover spray on one area of the red/cream paint. And on another area, a Swarfega-like gritty-textured handwipe. But no joy with either. Some of the blue colour comes off onto the handwipe but the red/cream paint looks equally stained underneath. The roughness of the wipe at least got the blue stripes off the window glass! I had resorted to using my thumbnail to scratch them off, but it was knackering. 😃 Any thoughts on whether it's possible to get the marks off the silver coloured window frames? If So, what with?
  21. I've used Vactan for years, it's always been straightforward. Yesterday, having spent several days sanding down a 6-10 inch strip of roof (many layers of blue antislip paint), plus the handrail above it, and the blue frame around the the boat sides, I applied Vactan. (There had been a LOT of rust, especially on the roof). The Vactan went on the same as it always does. A few hours later when I went back indoors, the Vactan was dry and everything looked normal. However... This morning I came outside to find all my red and cream paintwork, and even the window frames stained with dirty blueish streaks. I've given it a scrub with a wet broom, but it doesn't come off. It's totally b*ggered. And I'm rather upset about it. This is about 25ft of cabin side. 😲 Any ideas why this might have happened? I've never had Vactan run like this before, and certainly not hours after drying. I would like to avoid this happening again coz there's plenty more rust to tackle. Also, if anyone has any tried and tested methods of how to safely remove the blue streaks from my red paintwork and signwriting, that would be great. I've got a horrible feeling it's permanently fooked 😕
  22. Rubber tap scrotum is my new favourite phrase. I hope to be able to use it in everyday conversation 😃
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