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  1. Not really for the boat but I’m sure if I get bored I may find a few uses for it On searching the forum I see a few members have a waterproof endoscope. I am looking for recommendations for a cheapie of the stiff cable type. I see there are many on Amazon and eBay but have read elsewhere that some are crap so I would be grateful if the cognoscenti could give me details of their model if they are happy with it. The only parameters I have are that it must be cheap, good image and iOS compatible. Ta in advance
  2. I do like that bling. Impressive. But I wouldn’t like to polish it.
  3. Should I ever finish the tin of BKF I will give that a go. Thanks I suspect that is going to be me
  4. I realised that which is why I made my comment. It was meant to be humorous but I think it may have rattled a cage or two. Wasn’t my intention to do so. I must say for someone who professes to not cleaning the boat outside I must say that roof is gleaming. I think someone doth protest to much and may in fact be a closet detailer Just to be clear that comment is also meant in jest. Thank you for the helpful information.
  5. Gosh I didn’t realise we still had a navy. I know we have an aircraft carrier but there no jets on it.
  6. @mrsmelly I never realised you were into wake boarding It seemed a dreadful waste of Guinness to me
  7. That sounds good to me! Whilst I don’t have any brass that is tarnished I think I will follow a similar regime. Thank you
  8. Thanks for the update. I will try them all and see which is the easiest and shiniest Good God it looks like someone is growing toadstools or has some unmentionable disease.
  9. That’s what I used on the m/c. Naturally left it back in NI so just forked our a fortune for other products Thank you
  10. Just ordered! Thanks for the information Will order the incralac spray. Brushwork is not my forte Thank you for the tip.
  11. Thank you. I like the sound of that particularly the protective coating. If it’s good enough for her maj and Harley Davidson bikes it’s good enough for me. It’s next on my ‘to try’ list Thank you for the confirmation re BKF and Peek Polish. Nice to know they are both good. I would never of dreamt of using BKF on wood for that purpose. That’s very good to know should I ever have that issue. Thank you.
  12. What a good idea! Sadly I had already ordered some of the BKF from Amazon by the time I read your post. However I have a few pipes in the engine room that are copper. I will use them to compare the two methods Isn’t salt bad for your health?
  13. I would like to maintain the brass on our boat in a good condition. Now I realise or think that Brasso is probably the product that many use however my wife states that she uses ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ at home and much prefers it to Brasso. Does anybody else use this or have they tried it? I made a video of the items that should be cleaned/polished and sent it to the wife via email. I wasn’t brave enough to point it out in person but the outcome was the same. Ouch Obviously as it now appears that the responsibility for this dept is to fall on my shoulders I would like to use the p
  14. Thank you. Had a look at the website and they seem very good. I saw mention of subsidised delivery which helps I hadn’t considered it but what a great idea. Thank you
  15. There must be someone on this forum who has the knowledge with regard to a chemical solution that could be used to assist in removing the lacquer without damaging the metal. If you are bored you can always pop down and polish mine. I wouldn’t even charge you
  16. I would like to get some cushions made for the seating area of our cratch . We are moored close to Uxbridge but have a car so can travel if need be. Would anybody have any personal recommendations? I am hoping that the weather may eventually improve and would therefore like to make use of the available space if and when it does!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. @OldGoat Thank you for your earlier recommendation with regard to The River Thames Book by Chris Cove-Smith. I purchased a new one from Amazon which arrived today. A very quick browse reveals lots of useful information. An example is with regard to entering the Thames via Brentford. Lock times dependent on tides etc and where to find such detail. I realise all this info has been mentioned previously on this site but having it all in one place is brill. My only issue will be the shed load of rubbish at the top of the Hanwell flight of locks. I saw a photo online the other day.
  19. I have a Gardner 3L2 in the boat that I purchased. ‘Markinaboat’ from whom I bought the boat kindly gave me a present which was a book detailing the history of Gardner. The book itself had by coincidence been recommended to me previously by ‘Athy’ It’s a fascinating read and each time I look at the engine I’m reminded of its origins and the quality of both the materials and workmanship. To illustrate my dire knowledge of mechanics etc I never realised that it was a gentleman named Diesel who in fact invented the engine named after him. I always thought it was because they used diesel
  20. @WotEver I am a numpty when it comes to the electrickery dept. Thank you very much for a guide in plain English that even I can follow. I realise there is much more to the subject but this has given me a base from which to start.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. That’s sickening. You work your butt off to pay for goods and some scum bag decides they will have them for free. It would be nice to think they did their back in moving them or they got some battery acid in their eyes! It was good of people to try and assist which kind of shows the other side of humanity.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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