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  1. My favourite (from Dave Moore) : Painted on the side..... A couple of f***ing frogs with champagne glasses dancing down the cabin side.
  2. Jeez Mike, have you been drinking? Your generosity knows no bounds.
  3. Not in any order but: Harris Kemp Brinklow Norton Canes Otherwise you are compromising and it will eat at you till you eventually go and do it properly.
  4. Pffft. Amateurs! Seen 'em come. Seen 'em go. Woof!
  5. Found it now under London Boaters. Ta though.
  6. Obviously it's hard to tell without seeing it but it seems to me you've given it a good clean up. I'd just give the paintwork a rub down with scotchbrite to provide a key (especially where you've had some blistering) then use the zinc primer.
  7. I'd go for the latter if possible and eliminate 2 joints. Consider using a grommet or padding the pipe a bit in the bulkhead hole to avoid any chaffing if there is likely to be any vibration.
  8. Nothing. It was an unimaginative cheap shot using a tired and often recycled old "joke". PS Although I was born near Preston my ancestors are Italian!
  9. Here's a nice little boat for sale (currently under offer). 47ft Gardner engine, 2LW Good layout. To me it looks reasonably priced and ticks all the boxes. http://www.aqueductbrokerage.co.uk/index.php/boats-for-sale/boat/luckie_mucklebackit
  10. Cats are supposed to drink milk not beer.
  11. Hopefully this time with more than a ham roll in our bellies to soak up the ale. Good ale though so you have to buy lots to encourage the brewer and help the local economy.
  12. Thanks. Nice video. Did anyone also have a look at the WW1 battlefield railways archive video listed alongside.
  13. Oh Jeez, I'd better make a confession. We were only trying to help but........ To help BCLM and Kempy out while he was busy, me and Jim went to the museum one weekend and towed that boat back with Gazelle. Now we will just have to sneak it back to them after repairs and hope no one notices we took the wrong one. Keep schtum and we might just get away with it.
  14. Kildare, the historic butty, is currently being repaired by Ian and David Kemp at Dadford's Wharf. If you are on Facebook search under "Ian Kemp Restoration Services" to see photos of the ongoing work.
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