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  1. I wonder if there are laws around littering. It seems to me that the temporary nature of a tent and associated equipment and activities would be dealt with by something other than waterways legislation. There is no boat.
  2. The problem here is that there is a.) b.) and c.). a.) and b.) don't apply and c.) seems to be interesting as it mentions lawful authority to be "in the waterway or reservoir". How would lawful authority work if you are on land owned by the board? Does the tent need a BSC and a licence given that the land owned by the Board / Trust is included in the part 2 definition of 'waterway'? I flagged this on this thread a while ago as a potentially interesting situation. The CRT need to get their shit together and deal with inappropriate use of land asap or Bad Things will happen. This Ward geyser is a squatter and as with all good squatters he is asking questions by his actions. Interesting questions.
  3. You don't need a licence or registration on the tidal Thames. Therefore no BSS. Some mooring providers including the PLA require the boat to be insured. A one month visitor registration for the Thames (above Teddington) has a self declaration of boat condition and standards rather than requiring a BSC. I think the same applies for the visitor licences on CRT waters. There is a limit to the number of visitor licences one may purchase per yar.
  4. You can get short term visitor licences for the Thames and CRT waterways without a BSC. if it is going to the estuary you won't need a BSC there anyway.
  5. I did it on my phone. It is the OS 6 inch map on the left hand pane. You tap on the layers button and it brings up a menu with a list of maps. The OS 25 inch gives more detail but not sure on the dates.
  6. There was an Indian bloke who was addicted to theine and lived in a hollowed out area of ground under a tent. One day they found him drowned in his tea pee.
  7. A wigwag is also a speed and direction controller for an electric motor. Basically a joystick. example https://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/wigwag-type-throttle.html
  8. I've not seen it but might it be the OS 6 inch from 1888-1913? I find this the best map to use on the NLS side by side viewer as it is very detailed. Location chosen at random (near Southall of all places !) The NLS site has quite a lot of other map options on the left hand panel. If you haven't done it before google NLS side by side and do some time travel. Its wicked.
  9. One could always consider ramming the blighters from astern to wake them up.
  10. Maybe we need to reduce road traffic speed to 4mph and encourage more enthusiasts to take up motoring. You can pass others without them rocking about too much. Wouldn't it be nice to stop for the night on the M42 and not be disturbed by traffic other than the occasional early riser doing 5mph.
  11. I think elevated sections might be quite cool. Extra long aqueducts with inclined planes at each end.
  12. Perkins was a very advanced company in their day. Some really clever people worked there.
  13. Maybe if more wide beans turn up eventually canals will be enlarged and there will be more opportunities to overtake. With modern robot excavators we might even get some bypasses put in to avoid awful places where boats are moored.
  14. I keep a 3 inch rubber ball handy for the air inlet in case of runaway. You are right. There is a diaphragm and air tubes.
  15. Do common rail diesel engines have governors? Given that fuel injection timing and amount are controlled electronically it seems to me a (mechanical) governor would not be needed. Not checked this ! My perkins P4 diesel engine (1960s) speed control is a flap in the air intake actuated by a morse cable. Nothing to do with the high pressure fuel pump. It is like a throttle on a carburettor but I am unsure exactly how it works in terms of controlling speed on a diesel engine.
  16. I have these for such circumstances These switches are for the warmup phase. Red buttons to let them go.
  17. Being even more pedantic it is 'accelerator' not 'accelarator' ! It comes from cars. Diesel cars and petrol cars have accelerator pedals and so presumably do cars driven by elastic trickery. And cordless cars.
  18. One of my boats has one of these side mount controls and the handle sometimes comes loose. Certainly potentially dangerous. As said above there is a grub screw. On mine it is directly below and the plastic cover stays in place. The grub screw is an allen head and it is well recessed so you need the long part of an allen key to get to it. If you feel around where the arrow is pointing you should locate a small hole. Of course its probably a different type but may have a similar securing screw.
  19. Reading the wikipedia article about the Spector geyser it really shows how bad it can be to be 'successful' and famous. Or maybe he was just a nutter.
  20. if the tents are left empty with nobody around I'm pretty sure it is classed as littering so can be removed without any complicated processes. I don't know this for sure but there was a tent and a buildup of rubbish in a park near me in inner London and then one day everything, including the litter (there was a lot of rubbish) was gone. I assume the land owner, in this case the council, sent their litter clearance team out and just got it dealt with. The CRT are going to be on very dodgy ground (pun intended) if they don't deal with inappropriate use of their land. Mooring boats is one thing but moving onto the land itself is a whole different story for obvious reasons. They need to deal with this fast.
  21. I had a split water tank once from one of the old Chubb fire hose supplies on the Thames. Nice idea to shift water fast but if the tank vent is not big enough... They have since reduced the flow rate and removed the fire hoses. In this particular case the OP did mention that the leak is not between the tank and the pump. "The bilge does not fill with an empty water tank. When the tank is filled, the water pump runs constantly, suggesting water is exiting even though every tap and outlet has been checked. The bilge noticeably fills over a period of 10-20 minutes. With the pump off, we still think the bilge is filling slowly, " If it was a split tank it would make no difference if the pump was on. It is interesting. Maybe a split tank AND a failed pipework union?
  22. Calorifiers raise the water TO a fixed temperature. Palomas raise the water BY a fixed temperature. If X is the temperature of the water produced by engine heat and Y is the amount the Paloma raises the temperature then you have problems if X is 60 degrees and Y is 40 degrees. Ouch! Someone who didn't know the engine was already heating the water. Does your system allow this? A lot of them are plumbed to prevent this happening.
  23. One of my narrow boats had a paloma and a calorifier. When I first bought the boat I didn't know about the obvious boiling water issue. Alde are boilers so need a calorifier to store the water. One of my Boats is ex hire and has engine and Alde heated water from a twin coil horizontal calorifier under the bed. Also has a bilge pump in the cabin bilge. Only time I have used the bilge pump in 14 yars of owning the Boat is when it was broken into and the scum nicked everything including the Shurflo water pump = water tank contents in cabin bilge.
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