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  1. I wondered about painted articles inside the cabin. The interior photo doesn't give much away but there may be something. The cones are probably worthless scrap sadly but still interesting for posterity as mentioned.
  2. Advert says it is an Enfield engine. Interesting boat to have a look at but one wonders about who owns the land and whether they remember the 5th of November.
  3. There is that. One could have a switch to turn it orf with. Funnily enough my best reversing job ever was at Braun St On Turn going back from the other side of the Hillmorton side A45 bridge to the junction in a 55ft narrow boat with no bow thruster. I made it all the way round to the entrance to the cut going to the puddle banks without hitting another boat or the side. Nobody was watching.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/797960758223402/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&locale=en_GB "70ft Oak canal boat, been out of the water 5 years. Boat is believed to be built in the 1940s. Purchased with the intention of renovation but change of circumstances forces sale. Boat is complete with Enfield Engine and hotchkiss propulsion system. Can’t guarantee fully working condition. This would be ideal to break down into oak lengths for multiple uses. Please Contact Rod on [hidden information] with enquires and viewings. Located Rednal near Oswestry Shropshire." Not a floaty sort of boat but still interesting.
  5. This is one for the thread about the cones !
  6. It could be interesting to treat a boat as if it were a vehicle and have a warning of some sort to indicate that it is reversing. It could be a voice or a "psssht psssht" thing or a siren. Whatever it is it would help alert the person on the boat of potential danger. Obviously everyone knows that reversing a narrow boat while being in the arc of the tiller is a Bad Idea but occasionally one could become complacent. If an alarm of some sort went orf immediately as reverse was engaged it could help raise awareness at the time. Easy thing to do. Typo edit
  7. It looks tidal in the last picture. We did GU to Peterborough, St Neots and Cambridge and back about 22 yars ago can't remember that much of it. Also the only tidal bit we did was Salters lode to Denver sluice. I remember Salters as one of the fillings I had as a kid broke in half while eating a steak. Ouch !
  8. I had a Chrysler 20 and a 4.5. Both junk. Did have a Suzuki 3.5 once which was alright. Also was given a Suzuki 2 but needed a new coil and never bothered with it. Not tried the 4 stroke Suzuki but I know they sometimes branded the little ones as Evinrude and they were not very good.
  9. An interesting option and very common on outboard motor powered vessels. I think on canals it might get clogged up and end up causing enough problems for the owner to remove it.
  10. Hondas are the way to go if the funds are in place. That little BF2 in the living room is about 12.5kg which is good for a 4 stroke. Also has a water cooled leg,/exhaust which makes it quieter than the newer full air cooled types. Plus there is no silly lawnmower clutch to go wrong. A far better outboard than the newer type.
  11. Yamaha arrr good. Interesting outboard was the Yamaha F4 four stroke unit which they produced for a few yars before the 4, and 6 were the same base model.. This outboard was quite light at about 18kg rather than the 25kg of the new F4. It also had a built in tank as well as the option of a remote tank. A very nice little outboard that one. Not many about as after a short time as with other makers the 4, 5 and 6 were produced as the same actual unit which makes the 4 very heavy for what it is. I've not had one but would be very tempted by one of them. It is this one. The carrying ring is on the front not the back. Nice outboard I believe.
  12. I've had three of those little Honda 2 outboards (same model as in the dining room picture). Great outboards. One given away as not needed at the time, second one stolen and still have the third one. However on the dink I now have an Aquamot electric 1.6kw outboard which does the same job as the 2hp outboard but less range being battery powered. Another great outboard is the Yamaha Malta. Some say these are the best small outboard. 3hp 2 smoke very nicely made and very high quality. Not heavy.
  13. Yes on the bigger outboards it was probably a good marketing feature as they are obviously very dangerous but smaller units maybe a different story. I've got a Mariner 4 2 smoke from about 1993 which has a button stop as does my Yamaha Malta.
  14. In the 90s sometime. My 1992 Honda BF2 had a button to kill the ignition. My 1996 Honda BF2 has a kill cord fitting. The manufacturer would only have fitted this if it was a requirement. So I think around 1994 or something.
  15. It would be great to have kill cords attached to the morse control on canal boats. OK not everyone would use it but a really handy addition. It is a legal requirement for outboard motors. Easy enough to wire it to the stop solenoid. It could be a magnet on the end of a cord opening a reed switch.
  16. Sounds very nasty. Hard reversing while standing in the arc of the tiller bar is a possible candidate. Tiller whips round and pushes you in while the prop continues turning and boat goes backwards. Presumably if the person fell off the back and met the propeller it was most likely in astern gear and if it was an emergency stop type of thing it could have been turning very fast. Terrible really but probably avoidable.
  17. It seems to already be a tent village down there. These don't look like temporary campers. View from smelly bridge in 2021 apparently. Are these here all the time? I believe with secretary of state approval the Trust can indeed transfer ownership of land under its control to private enterprises. There was a case where a narrow strip of land alongside the Lee Navigation was transferred to a property developer. A quick non-payable land registry search shows that there is the K&A canal in addition to some land which may have a different owner. Unless it is owned by an estate you have to pay £3 to find out registered owner. https://search-property-information.service.gov.uk/search/map-search/
  18. I would say if he is occupying land owned by the Trust then it is their problem.
  19. Of course they have to be somewhere. Should this problem be something which a national limited charity company deal with? I think most people would say no. At the end of the day (and the beginning) the CRT are a navigation authority. They do have limited responsibilities around housing as they offer residential moorings to let but other than that is it really appropriate for this organisation to be dealing with people severe and often massively unsatisfactory housing needs? I'm sure local authorities love to pass the buck on this.
  20. Jem Bates boat Severn is interesting with the Seffle unit in it. I've been on the back deck and yes it was a bit lively.
  21. Certainly. However this won't happen because the CRT never seek to enforce byelaws. Maybe it will just remain a grey area but one wonders if things might change as the proportion of boats on waterways which are used as primary residences increases over time. I've seen tents beside canal towpaths which have been removed as litter when unoccupied. Not big ones. to be fair and they may not have intended to remain. It is littering.
  22. " We had a difficult problem yesterday. We got back to the harbour and the boat had basically sunk. " Hmmm. It seems a bit important to keep the water out. One wonders why such an apparently simple problem which is solved by countless other boat designers was not dealt with properly.
  23. One for the stationary engine rallies I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHxF85ymQgk
  24. Does issuing a licence override byelaws? I thought there were only a few conditions for issuing of licence such as having a BS ticket, insurance and a place to keep the boat or satisfy the board that you are bona fide navigating. It seems to me that the byelaw disallowing using the boat as a dwelling is separate from licensing requirements.
  25. I have a theory which is that there is a box that the data collector taps to say whether in their judgment on that day the boat looks like it is lived on. Their are giveaway signs but it is an assumption. The reason I think this is because one of my boats got onto the enforcement system when I wasn't moving enough while living on another boat on a CRT owned residential mooring in the same area. The enforcement letter mentioned that as I was living on the boat under enforcement I would need to remove it or find elsewhere to live as they would be removing it under Section 8. This letter was sent to my CRT owned residential mooring. Although I was in fact living on the residential mooring I have to assume the data collector made a judgment (incorrect) that I was living on the boat which was under enforcement and moored on the towpath side. They do watch more than you think they watch. This is not paranoia it is an assumption made from experience.
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