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  1. I have towpath permit on L&L I will let you know how i get on.
  2. Good to see your happy iv not been on for a bit ,but i believe if its ment to be it will happen , this is my second time round on the water , and its good
  3. Leave on washing line the rain will rinse it for you
  4. You can weld plastic with a solderingiron, iv done car bumpers and motorbike plastic. no glue hope that helps.
  5. My gray is in the cage for his safety, he thinks im his partner .He will bite anyone or anything, dogs ect who comes near me. he feels safe in the cage its his space. he is captive bread ,and knows no diffrent . sorry bad spelling .
  6. Living on a boat changes you, and your outlook on life. So things dont have the same values ,i collect logs and wood now. Time will tell you what you need, good look.
  7. My cage will come apart it has four 12 mm bolts, Im thinking about cutting legs off, and put it on a work top,i dont know about makes,but mine goes throu my sturn doors . I have a revirse lay out.
  8. iv got a gray dont put it in the window, and keep out of drafts ,and all will be well good look.
  9. You can try www.lilo.org.uk its a lowimpact abord site, its full of advice on the greener side of life
  10. You have your own place now,wish you all the best.
  11. Good look hope all goes well . Dont forget to get a survey,if this is the one for you it is the start of your new life.And its a good life on water,
  12. My rubbing strakes are fully welded .as someone who can weld im am happy with my shell , i went in every two days to see the shell built.this is not my first boat i had a 57ft widebeem before this . go have a look at a few builders . you are welcome to see my boat , the build quality is better than some expensive boats iv seen.
  13. Hi i got my 57 ft sailaway with a josh style bow from aintree boats , it was the forth one they made after takeing over from skater boats. Its a good hull no rippels in it. And it cuts through the water nice and smooth no much of a bow wave.
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