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  1. Hello everyone, Is there any good hearted soles out there, who could help me out at this festive time of year! I'm in the middle of fitting out my 57' narrowboat, having just finished the lining out I'm just about to start the plumbing! I'm installing an Alde 3010 boiler, along with a surecal twin coil calorifier, fitted over the swim, along with 3 radiators. If anyone could provide me with a suitable fool proof plumbing diagram or the details of a plumber who works in the South Manchester area with marine experiance, then it would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards Allan
  2. As anybody out there had any dealings with PRO Cast chandlery? If so what were your experiances and did you have any delays receiving your items?
  3. Have you looked at kerosene Rayburns? Cheep to run and you can run your rads of it, heat all your water and cook a fine traditional meal on it. I'm considering putting one in my own new sailaway next spring. But like yourself I've been trying to find the ideal solution and seeking advice from the more experienced boaters on here.
  4. Hello, does any one know if it is possible to convert a Rangemaster Classic from natural gas to LPG? I am planning on installing one on my self fit out if they can be converted, I've had a couple of conflicting reports so far, so any help would be as always hugely appreciated (-; Kind Regards Allan
  5. Hi Matthew, thanks for the reply. We are planning the boat as a live aboard and although we love the look of them we also want to use it as an everyday means of cooking. Is yours multi fuel? Also do you have any problems with the flue? Someone told me the flue would be to short for a boat!
  6. Well have considered and looked at the Rayburns as well as the aga's. I was considering getting a kerosine fuelled aga rather than a solid fuel and having an oil tank fitted to fuel it. I realise my shell builder will have to put her in before the roof goes on! Did you have any problems with the flue and was it a drain on your batteries? Also do you know what model Rayburn you had? Thanks Tim, we were looking at a two oven model round about 900x670 , there are quite a few old models on eBay at very reasonable prices, but as you say if you can't get the parts then not much good to us.
  7. Hello I am under great pressure from my other half, to install an aga in our new boat that we are purchasing next spring as a sailaway. Does anyone have any ideas as to which model (second hand) would be most suitable for a narrow boat? Can our dream become a reality or are we just two young romantics?
  8. Can't thank you enough for your help and prompt response, you've been a great help. Kind regards Allan
  9. Hi thanks for the reply, really was helpful and it begins to make sense now, I really like the Tim Tyler shells but they are probably out of my price range especially with a josher bow. The one I have seen in primer at Lymm Marine looks really well made and looks a good looking shell. I have yet to speak to Chris, but have been told he is a helpful guy. Did you actually buy yours from LMBS? Also were you able to go down and view it in build or was it an of the shelf shell, already completed?
  10. No need to run or hide...It's a wonderful wonderful life

  11. Hi has anyone had any dealings with or know anything about Mike Christian, the shell builder from Sheffield? If so is he part of the Tyler Wilson boat building team, or is he now an independent shell builder? I have had a look at LMBS web site and they offer a rather nice looking shell by Mike Christian of Tyler Wilson. Also the newly formed Lancaster Boat Builders state that their Mike Christian shell is a Tyler Wilson, is this really the case? If so then please let me know and my search for a shell builder may finally have reached an end... Regards
  12. Hi Dave, thanks some good advice there, the fit out I am planning will be of the higher end and I dont intend on skimping on too much. My eldest brother is a semi-retired cabinet maker as is my future father in law, so I'm expecting a lot on the fit out, another of my brothers is a plumber and a good all rounder. I work in a tech college as a tutor and previously worked as a self employed builder, as most builders dream of building a house I just want and always have done dreamt of building my boat and living on the cut with like minded people. I understand what you say about buying second hand but I know exactly what I want, a 57' go any where traditional narrowboat with a reverse layout, bespoke ivory cottage style kitchen, Eberspacher heating, squiral stove, four port holes, five 32" windows and a sky light in the bedroom centred above my full length bed!! She's even got a name Mallory...
  13. Hi, I live in the North West and I'm planning on purchasing a 57'- 60' Trad/Semi trad sailaway next March. Could anyone recommend a good shell builder? I've been in contact with many and had some very good responses. I realise the importance of selecting the right builder, therefore I would value someones recommendations with regard to what will be for me a huge financial commitment. As anyone had any dealings with Dave Clark from Nottingham, who is on my short list along with Aintree Boats. Kind Regards Allan
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