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  1. That's brilliant thank you all. Now I just need to get the job and for it to be enough money!!
  2. I've read the other thread now. Very helpful and it would seem that a mooring would be better outside of Cambridge so a few more enquiries to make! Thanks all
  3. Ely would be a possibility. How is mooring there? Does it have to be permanent and if so how easy are they to get?
  4. Ah I've seen boats with gold licenses and wondered what they were! So it seems that a permanent mooring is required and they're probably impossible to get?
  5. I have been using Homefire Ovals and been impressed. Expensive but yesterday I was out for 16 hours and the fire was still in when I returned! Not sure if this is only to be expected or not but for me it's a record!
  6. Ok thank you both. So another boat license is necessary to start with?
  7. Is this possible? I'm thinking of a change of career. I would need to move the boat from MK to within driving distance of Cambridge. How feasible is it to CC in that area?
  8. Just tolet you know that I hada cycle and sack barrow stolen from top of boat in MK last week. Worth keeping everything of value locked away! I've heard they did several boats from one side of mk to t' tother
  9. I've just moved aboard and not turned fridge on, used it for storing but it smells awful. Aren't you supposed to leave the door open to stop smells?
  10. Homer 123


    Mine stands on metal feet which are placed in a metal tray. No more problems since I played with the damper nut but then again yesterday was the first day since I've been on the boat I've not had to light it! Considering lighting today!
  11. Just because someone continuously cruises doesn't necessarily mean they don't pay council tax anyway. Council tax is on a property. Therefore I use my sister's address, ,y post goes there, I'm on the electoral role there, I take my rubbish, washing and ironing there. So as there are 3 adults plus me 'living' there I pay a quarter of the council tax.
  12. Homer 123


    Yes that one is very similar. Mine would be an older model. There is no make on mine that I can see but does look like an older, smaller version of that!
  13. Homer 123


    Ok great, thanks for all your help on this one everyone!
  14. Homer 123


    Ok think I've got it. There is a large wing nut at the base of the flue that moves easily. Move it one way and smoke comes out through the top of stove. Move it the other and the fire seems to go. Must have got moved accidentally!
  15. Homer 123


    There is an oven door next to the ashcan door but the smoke seems to come through the plates on top
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