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  1. beware dodgy adverts

    I sold my boat, RASA SAYANG about a month ago, using a broker. The broker has just received a phone call to tell her that my (old) boat was on the 'boatsandoutboards' website for less than £6,000. This was a fraction of the price I sold her for. The advert contained the photos and details that were in the brokers original adverts. They had clearly been lifted from these ads. The broker has contacted the 'boatsandouboards' website, who have removed the ad. Please be careful if you see an advert for a boat that looks like it has a silly price-tag. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Rope lengh required to navigate the Thames

    I'd save your money. I've got 10 metre ropes, and have never had a problem. Bear in mind that one end of the rope is attached to the boat, and the other you are holding. It doesn't need to reach as far as the water and back!
  3. The Thames next week?

    I agree with Blackrose. If a stretch of the Thames is on red boards, then don't attempt it. Your insurance will be invalidated, and there are some parts of the Thames that are dangerous under red board conditions, unless you have a powerfull engine and know what you're doing. The number of locks showing red boards is currently increasing.
  4. single handling locks

    Hi Matty, I don't know the locks up to Cowroast, but surely if there are specific problems at some locks, then it's up to Cart to display signs showing a change to the norm. My concern is that if some boaters decide - for whatever reasons - to do things differently to the rest, then we will end up with a total free for all.
  5. single handling locks

    http://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/features/how-do-locks-work Is not the official view on how to operate a lock?
  6. What am I doing wrong?

    I really enjoyed this post. Well done!!!!!!
  7. Anyone used an 'Oilbuoy' in the bilges?

    I get most of it out with a small pump, then put some nappies down for a few days. Works a treat.
  8. Wheeze to use a Bow Thruster

    It's called a 'girly button'.
  9. Banbury

    Spend time in Banbury every year. Never had a problem. The only part to possibly avoid is the stretch of moorings by the rail station. Be aware though, maximum stay is (in theory) 48 hours.
  10. Living afloat with dogs

    I had a dog for ten years, and we spent every summer on the boat. Once your dog has got used to the fact that the boat is now his/her home, there really isn't a problem. Usually, if I left her for a few hours to go shopping, I'd get a dirty look when I got back for waking her up! Enjoy, and don't worry. He/she will sense your concern, which won't help.
  11. STOP IT ! !

    Interesting! New members are to be seen and not heard? Who is self-opinionated?
  12. STOP IT ! !

    I started using this website very recently, and this is my first post, although I've had a narrowboat for some 25 years. The main reason that I joined was that I want to move my boat off the Wey Navigation, and up to Stourport, and I wanted more information about the state of the Thames. That's how I found you. The main reason that I'm writing this, is that I totally agree with the reason behind this thread. On this website are serious topics, and not so serious topics. It seems to me that it caters for everyone, and that it brilliant. However, when I go into a 'serious' topic, it always appears, very quickly, to be taken over by the 12 year olds. The topic starts life as a sensible topic, with sensible replies, and then becomes some sort of jousting match. Can the '12 year old' members not stick to the virtual pub topics, where they can act out their '12 year old selves' to their hearts' content????????