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  1. Hello pipistrelle, I am still 'rooted' on the lovely River Nene, and would be free to help you with our infamous Northampton Arm, depending on your schedule as I am free during the day up until 6pm when I have to go to work. My fee will be lots of cups of tea and plenty of yummy cake. You can contact me at : treepoet @Hotmail.co.uk brightest blessings
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. That is a nice jaunt, and if you do moor in the basin or just a lickle bit further along, then its only a lickle say 10 minute walk to the centre of MH. Plus lots of interesting shops and places to grab a snack and the main supermarkets, Sainsburys, Llidl, Aldi, ectera are around the centre of town Whoops! Nearly forgot doh! Moi Spoons do woverly brekkies ( just stuffed my face with one
  4. Firstly condolences to the family and friends of the person who lost their life, I don't think that anyone goes out boating with the intention of losing their life. Sadly alcohol can confuddle people's perceptions, and at the end of the day tho is a tragic incident for all concerned. Over 20 years ago we would never go out for a jaunt on our boats, without a lifering, and now as a solo boater I have a gadget thingy that I can throw to people, as well as an automatic lifejacket similar to the ones that the bwb folk wear,to keep me safe if I ever I fell in (which I have many times over the year
  5. We both actually work in Market Harborough, but her boat is in a different place, and Market Harborough is the nearest town.
  6. Many many thanks ... I now have all these contact details and have sent them to my friend, so that she can contact them tomorrow. I have got him down on my list Graham but many thanks. Tony Redshaw, Justin Green Debdale Wharf Sam at Foxton Boat Services so my task is hopefully completed
  7. Not that near to Foxton ime afraid.
  8. bless you Tuscan another name to add and hopefully she will get things sorted as it seems she is having some hassle, which is never nice in any situation, never mind when it concerns your home.
  9. many thanks one and all Moi has now got those 3 contact details and will pass on to my friend now. brightest blessings and days always filled with love and laughter, no matter what Life chucks at yer.
  10. Tankies BEngo I will find out his contact number and pass onto my friend treescrunching huggles Athy, all ok now my boat is finally finished ( well once I decide which stove to put in ) I am only here to post help for a friend. bestest wishes to you and yours during the festive seasons Ta for that Gareth, problems with the WaterPump, and other bits and bobs need checking out. Hmmm... the thing is folks, she seems to have been ' Let Down' by a few people, and when I bumped into her today she was at the end of her tether, so I told her not to worry, and I would ask the good folk
  11. A friend of mine based in the Market Harborough area, is seeking a qualified engineer to check out her engine. Its a Dorman Stafford 3 cylinder ( 3LB ). If anyone knows of someone who can help in the area or willing to travel, then Please send me a message with a contact number, that I can pass onto my friend, and fingers crossed she can get cracking with the rest of her fit-out. many thanks and kindest regards.
  12. Phew!!! thank goodlyness for this post, as after having my similar pump all connected up last week, and after turning on the taps.. to be greeted by the sound of a hundred, mice dancing the Wheel tappers & Shunters clog dance in steel bottomed boots in my cupboard..... moi nearly did an Osain Bolt onto the rear welldeck ok!!! maybe only 50 mice ...but if was flipping loud now it can be fixed to ensure harmony rules
  13. :) treespirit is now looking marvelllllllllous, :)
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. Wotcha peevil, well I have just given my boat a second coat of the Keelblack, and my oh my it is fabulous to use, as although it has a thin consistency...it goes on like a dream. Infact quite a few people have commented on how smart my boat was looking..after only one coat I have decided to give her 3 coats anyway, but comparing it another recently blacked boat..i am most impressed. It is better to use rollers for the majority of the work, as it goes on much quickly and imo, gives a better finish. After using the usual bitumen on various boats including my own as well as blacking hireboat
  18. oh!! Yes indeedy......might even get another Unexpected !!! piccie in the TT
  19. tankies GoodGurl xxx moi got a lickle excited due to the fact taht once again moi is in charge of boaty decoration and thingymebobs aww!!! Master Reed ..oddles of treescrunching huggles right back at yer hoping life has been treating you as kind as you are
  20. Yikes!! getting moi prepared for Blacking next week, overalls ready check, brushes and rollers ready check.. choccie bickies and flask of tea ready check.. and No Norty shouting at the boat words this time !!!! hahahha

  21. : ) myself and the rest of the 'motley crew' that enjoyed all the fun and laughter of the BCN Challenge , will also be attending this most wonderous event. It sounds like it will have something for everyone, as well as promoting the beauty and tranquility of the River Nene. p.s. erm!!! like the challenge we wont be inconspicuous
  22. sacre bleu moi doesnt Bash bridges .....ahem!! being a lady after all ...moi just gently flows through
  23. Aha!!!! ears prick up on the queries regarding that most wonderous of jobs !!! second to none to .... grrr.... cleaning out and painting the ruddy Water Tank ..shivvers ohhhh anyway back on topic Blacking waht to use ???? moi boat will be heading up the river for her Blacking cosmetics next week, and although bog standard Bitumen has been my previous choice, this time moi fancied a change and has opted to try out a product called 'Keelblack' , which was advertised in a waterway magazine. I am hoping that it will stay pristine Ebony Black for longer than the previous Bitumen did, a
  24. Many thanks smileypete for easy to understand advice as always ..huggles and thankyou as well jonathan.
  25. hmm.. now this is confusing ..especially as my degree is in the social field not electrics. I am on a river mooring and used to be moored away from my lovely fellow moorers. My choice as I do like to dance on my decking and sing !! Recently two other boats have moved nearer to me and frequently use their landlines, which is not an issue, so thinking that I was being prudent, I bought a GI from a well known and published company. The model I bought is below, but after reading this thread I am now unsure which was the best option.. a GI or the T thingybob GI with 2 Status Monitors,
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