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    Love cycling, travel, photography, reading, cultural events, birdwatching and the simple stuff in life....walking, going for coffee, watching the world go by. Into running and completed the Cambridge half marathon on 11th March 2012. Determined to have a slow approach to life and enjoy every minute. Living on Hullabaloo fulltime now and enjoying it immensely.

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    Cathedral marina Ely

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  1. Hello, Yesterday, some boater keys with a float were found on the towpath, between the pump-out and Babylon gallery in Ely. They are being held by L'Atalante (big green and cream widebeam opposite Babylon gallery), if they are yours.
  2. I lost my empty Thetford Cassette in the cut, and could be seen trying to coax it back with a broom. Also lost my cratch cover too and a lovely neighbour spotted it at the bottom of the basin. Quite a feat since the cratch cover and the bottom of the basin are both black.... Edited for clarity....
  3. Does anyone know how hot is too hot for running a Morso Squirrel with a back boiler? I was interested to know how hot I was running mine and after having bought an oven thermometer and stuck it on top of the stove (not on the flue), the temperature can get up to 150-200C (300-400F). I have a pump running to circulate the water, but am still slightly nervous about 'kettling' the back boiler. Thanks
  4. My illusions have been shattered. I thought we got up to 11 mph!! Spinal tap?? I have no idea.
  5. Fuzz....I can do that!! Just need to explain what the p bracket is. Actually, I can ask someone in the Marina Office to point me in the direction of the p bracket.
  6. Had a brilliant day so many thanks to Tree Monkey, BSP, Fuzz and Mike32. I'm very touched that people would come so far to help me out. Even learnt some new stuff like how to fill the stern greaser gland thanks BSP and TM, how to cool the engine (my fault it overheated because I turned into a speed demon) , tried out my 'approaching a pontoon' technique. Just have to remember not to be distracted by birdies when chugging along at 11mph, and keep my eyes 'on the road'. Guess what happened last night? :tired: In bed by 930.
  7. There's a bit of a banterette forming in Ely on the weekend of the bank holiday (Saturday/Sunday). BSP, Tree Monkey and Fuzz will be in Ely to hold my hand while I take Hullabaloo out. If anyone else would like to join in.....you're more than welcome.
  8. Thanks Chris, this is excellent information. I have no TV but use my laptop for a few hours every weekday evening. When I say red, amber and green lights I'm referring to those on the Morningstar controller. Yes I have 4 110Ah batteries and use normal stuff like LED lights and computer, pumps. No microwave, TV, toaster or hairdryer. I'll get a voltmeter as a first step. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for the response. So the fact that my batteries do not seem to be maintaining a steady state of charge, yet they have consistently been on 'full' all summer. Nothing has changed in terms of equipment usage etc so I'm just trying to ascertain if there is a problem with my batteries.
  10. Sorry Gibbo, yes I have a basic Sterling pro budget battery charger. I have to be connected to the shoreline to use it but I haven't used it since about March. All of the sockets on my boat run off the 240system. I have limited stuff that runs on 12V,which are, fridge, gulper pump, water pump and backboiler pump. Stove has not been on since April. No one else is on my shoreline.
  11. I have 4 leisure (sealed) batteries and a starter battery for the engine. I have a Sunsaver MPPT (Morningstar) controller with a 136W solar panel.However, I am hooked up to a shoreline. Recently, the battery 'state of charge' indicator on the controller (I appreciate it is approximate)has been going from green to amber and then red (indicating empty)overnight and then back up again the following day. This is unusual because all 'summer' it has been on green, permanently. Simultaneously, the counter on the shoreline electricity post seems to be creeping up although there is nothing switched on (e.g. immersion not on, computer only). I'm guessing the first thing to do is check the batteries with a multi-meter and based on this get new batts? Has anyone with the same solar panel/set up had the same issue? The other thing I should say is that I have no idea when the batts were installed. Worse case scenario....2005 when the boat was built! I thought the batts were being drained because I had left a tap running v slowly and the pump was kicking in sporadically. However, this can be ruled out. Maybe just a case of knackered batteries?
  12. Last winter, I bought a pair of YakTrax for running on the snow and ice. Best £15 I spent. I know it's not waterproof related but it is in the outdoor vein.
  13. Excellent. Thanks for all the responses. Much appreciated. Thanks also for the gentleness in response to 'What do I do with it?' Still very much the newbie.
  14. Ok....so it's definitely a weed hatch. What do I do with it? Have never opened it in just over a year of boat ownership....
  15. Yes loved the Cambridge Half Marathon. Did it in 2h22...like I say I'm not fast. Would love to do the full 26 but I have limited spare time to fit in the training. Maybe when I'm retired....in 30years
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