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  1. Put another way - the head of governance presented the raft of changes to National Council who approved the proposal.
  2. A number of changes to the Council constitution were presented by the Governance Committee, which would enlarge the size of the Council and represent more stakeholders. This raft of changes included a nominee from AWCC. Given the number of active Cruising Clubs and members, this change appeared reasonable.
  3. The NBTA represent a very significant body of boat owners and I think its good that they have a seat at the table and a voice in the decision making process. A positive step.
  4. Glad you liked it - we had a major jam making session yesterday and made 100 jars of it for the forthcoming season! You will be in my bubble next time we meet.... Have a good day
  5. Given that I travel a significant proportion of the system on a regular basis and meet thousands of boaters a year through our business - my "bubble" is probably a lot larger than you think!
  6. As a current and potentially future boaters rep (depending on election results) I feel a lot of people miss the main point of the role. The most important aspect is its governance role, selecting new trustees and if necessary removing existing trustees if it's felt they are not acting in the best interests of the Trust. After that the role is one of influence where, via formal and informal channels, concerns which we feel are important are fed into CRT's executive management.
  7. Many thanks for your vote.
  8. I find variations in spellings all over the BCN -I think people wrote them down as they heard them. I am on number three.... They are so detailed I sometimes scan the bit I was to explore and blow it up so I can read all the info.
  9. Thanks Alan - your support is much appreciated.
  10. Capt Ahab

    Water rules

    Spot on - its the on the ground bit I clocked. That means all the taps need to be moved to the water side of the towpath for starters.
  11. Well, I think we can safely say there is a blueprint!
  12. Hmm - remember reading that a replica Ark came into Ipswich a few weeks ago - do they know something we dont?
  13. Patrick - I think the Cannock Extension beyond the A5 may possibly eclipse it in the "lostness" stakes....
  14. Ray _ The next Canal Hunter Video is on this branch and I would welcome any input you have. Even its name seems to be uncertain- Hays, Hay's or Hayes..... Actualy - if any of you have any historical contribution I would love to include it.
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