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  1. Hi Im sure it’s been asked before, but what is the maximum boat length for covering the entire connected system? (Not including Brandon lock which is annoyingly short!)
  2. I know there have been other threads asking for predictions about the water levels for this coming season, but! was wondering what those of you who know about theese things think? Perhaps some of you were boating back in 1976 and have an idea of whats coming? We are planning a trip around the Thames Ring, starting from Rugby, down the Grand Union to London (where we will be taking part in the Jubilee Pageant) then back via the Thames and the Oxford Canal. This will be from the last week in may for about 3 weeks. What are the chances that there will resrictions or closures by then?
  3. Yes water does expand when heated, and contract as it cools, but it then expands as it freezes. The pipework however can handle the presure of heated water(to a point!) as it also expands when hot, but then contracts when cold so the presure from the frozen water has knowhere to go and fractures the pipe or fittings.
  4. Spoke to the organisers today, they dont see any problem at the docks, but they are saying we will be mooring "off shore" on the saturday night at Barn Elms, with a taxi boat service.
  5. Thanks RicharN, very useful info. Does not look as bad as i thought, (had a vision of walls towering high above us) but think we would just about get them on and off. Edited to add, yes i did say Regents Dock, should have been Royal.
  6. Yes sound advice, but wont matter how early we get there if i cant get the dogs on and off, which is why i asked if anyone knows?
  7. We have been acepted for this, but I am a litle worried about the amount of time we will have to spend at the Royal Docks, as we will be doing this as part of a trip round the Thames ring we will have the 2 Dogs with us! Does anyone know if its possible to get the Dogs on off the boat there? My guess is not.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. The names Mendip and Quantock came from the email so i guess he could have been thinking of a different trip, dont really remember the motor but the butty was unconverted, we had two steerers, they were a couple (not sure if married or not) who were rather taken with one of our group known as fred!
  10. I have been trying to remember a camping boat trip I did with the scouts back in july 1981, I think we started off from Braunston and that there were 2 boats (motor and butty) and that we slept on bunk beds under canvas. That is about it as I did not have the interest in Narrowboats and Canals that I do now, but I did think the boats were unconverted 70 footers. I sent an email to the leader of the scout group, who then passed it on the scout leader at the time of the trip, after a few weeks I recived this reply Hello Peter, My name is Mervyn ---- and I was GSL when you were on the canal trip. Chris ----, the current GSL, passed me your enquiry and I have been having a search around to see if I could come up with an answer. One of my sons, Andrew, was also on the trip so he was my starting point, with no luck. You may remember Mike ----, one of the leaders who I meet fairly regularly but he could remember the trip but not the names! I left answerphone messages for John ----, the Scouter leading the trip and, out of the blue, he turned up here today to talk about my calls. As he said, a lot of time has passed since then and, at first he could only recall one name. This morning while he was painting his fence!! he suddenly remembered the other name. The company he used was Union Canal Carriers Limited out of Braunston. The two boats were the Mendip and the Quantock. One had a canvas cover for most of it’s length and the other a hardtop. Hope this helps you in your research, I, having spent some time following the trail, think that is about as much as I can do to help you. Well at least you gave John a chance to remember the event and some of the things you all got up to!! Best wishes, Mervyn. I have looked on Jim sheads site but none of the boats fit the bill although one was built by UCC. Does anyone know if the boats from my trip are still around?
  11. Are you sure the rudder was blacked? even if it was it takes a battering from anything your prop throws at it
  12. Do you mean the skeg? or the rudder?
  13. If you know nothing about boating, suggest you hire one before you buy
  14. a great shame, are there still other examples of these around? i guess iron or steel boats would have scrapped rather than sunk
  15. forgive my ignorence, are these all wooden boats?
  16. P R


    No-one using the canals = no money to spend = no canal do the maths
  17. Why should he be given a chance when his terms and conditions remain the same, no seperate account for customers money! I think that if you sold your boat but did not get paid you may have a different opinion
  18. How does someone with mr Harrals reputation have nearly 30 boats on his new firms books already?
  19. Sorry not ment to be abuse, the situation on the K&A can be a difficult topic, and there are many other places not so busy
  20. Would you like a tin opener for that can of worms? Not everywhere is as busy as the K&A
  21. Been past once or twice, looks like this
  22. P R

    cat choices

    There are many fox's and badgers in my area, had two cats one of which was a very small female. Never had any trouble with the wildlife but was killed by a car last month, so IMO no problem, as long as you are not close to a busy road!
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Check this link, i think it answers some of your concerns link (post 11)
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