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  1. Ours is a domestic induction hob. We have a 5.5 kVA Travelpower to run it. So we need the engine running to cook or to have shore power plugged in. As the largest ring is 3kW and the other three at least 1kW each I wouldn't dare turn them all up to max at once. In fact it's pretty unusual to use more than two rings at a time anyway. There's no connection between the hob and the batteries. We have a very small electric kettle for evening use. Each pot of tea sets us back at least 5% of capacity.
  2. Sounds like it has a leak. Any hissing noises?
  3. Also, a lot of Aldi stores are still selling their clone stove fan at a discount (£18).
  4. AvE explains battery repairs using epsom salts (some language you might not want your mum to hear) and why it rarely works. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAD_mTtcKSM">YouTube</a>
  5. Ours is a low profile shower tray with the shortest available available standard enclosure. 1800 mm high if memory serves. The only issue is that there's not much capacity in the tray for when somebody forgets to turn on the pump before getting in. Our shower wall is panelled with this product (no issues after ten years): https://www.mermaidpanels.com/laminate-shower-panels/natural-shower-panels/
  6. Yep. Just remember: There's no such things as the cloud. It's just somebody else's computer.
  7. I've had the same axe for 30 years. It's needed a new head a couple of times and a new handle several times but it's lasted all that time.
  8. You really, really need to monitor your batteries' state of charge so you don't ruin them by undercharging. The most reliable indicator of state of charge is the current the batteries are taking. You will need an ammeter to measure this. A panel meter with a shunt in the negative battery cable is probably the best arrangement.
  9. Is there a thermostatic mixer on the output of the calorifier?
  10. I've got the same basins at home and on the boat. At home we have a flip over plug and on the boat a traditional plug-on-a-chain with a short length of chain. The flip over plug is fine buy will jam shut if any grit gets into it and requires maximum force to open it and it's more difficult to clean the grating because you can't remove the plug. The plug with the chain has nowhere to fix a chain so has a short three inch length to allow it to be pulled out but otherwise cam be found knocking about in the basin or on the counter. One day it will go missing. I'd have preferred to have the flippy plug on the boat but there was no room for the basin waste fitting it came with.
  11. It sounds like it may be a genuine Planar heater but a grey import. That is, a model that's not available from the manufacturer or its agents in this country but via a third party in a country where it is available. Normally hard to get support for grey imports because local agents aren't set up for those models.
  12. aread2


  13. This is how my BT battery is wired, except for the VSR. The advantage to this setup is that the BT battery is effectively part of the domestic bank. The disadvantage to this setup is that the BT battery is effectively part of the domestic bank.
  14. My PRV dribbled for 8 years as the calorifier heated up. It's plumbed overboard via a skin fitting. Then the calorifier split. I now have an expansion vessel in the circuit and the new calorifier doesn't dribble.
  15. I've actually used an anchor to stop a 70ft hire narrowboat oing over a weir on the Severn at Tewkesbury. The coupling in the drive shift parted and we ended up with the stern about 10ft off the lip of the weir. As I recall it was a 20kg Danforth.
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