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  1. I'm interviewing my pint at this moment?
  2. The Little Chimney Company, Kym Franks, 07876 654120, made mine four years ago still good as new. One tip get him to put your boat name on it rather than the "little chimney company". Currently at Hopwas on the Cov Canal.
  3. Many thanks for ALL your responses (no honestly!). On a further positive note I have found the original sales brochure stating that 26' springers were 1/8th plate at the TIME of construction and longer boats were 3/16th. So it would appear that the surveyor on insisting that a min of 4mm was required actually wanted the boat to have more steel thickness than when it was new!!!
  4. My friend has recently had a Springer for sale at a well known brokerage. The boat sold, subject to survey and a deposit taken. The survey, organised by the brokerage, failed the boat on the steel thickness stating that 4mm was completely unacceptable. As Springers were constructed of 1/8th steel as standard, less than 4mm I am completely baffled as to why the brokerage took the boat for sale in the first place!! Maybe the quote for £7500 + vat to over plate it was the incentive? Other remedial work has been carried out at a boatyard and the hull is well within tolerance for a 30 year old boat with NO pitting at all on the hull. I have spoken to two surveyors and they advised me that 4mm is the minimum on boats of modern construction. They wouldplace an advisory on their report clearly identifying the unique nature of Springer construction and leave the final decision to the client as to whether to buy the boat or not and definitely not condemn the boat to the scrapyard. Any thoughts on this please with references to friendly Springer brokerages greatly appreciated.
  5. I appreciate the genuine replies as always. I have now contacted the Cart rep for this area and the fishery manager as I want them to look at the complete aspect of anglers fishing at Marina entrances which is a recipe for confrontation.
  6. I have moored at Trinity on the Ashby Canal for over 5 years. There a constant problem from anglers who fish directly opposite the entrance in an attempt to catch Carp which are tame and resident in the Marina. Not satisfied with this a certain select few send bait boats together with up to 3 lines directly into the Marina to substantially increase there chances of catching fish which in affect is a large fish tank. On Sunday I was bombarded by handfuls of mud from an irate angler who said I had deliberately snagged his lines. He threatened me personally so I called the police to intervene. Has anyone else had a problem or know of incidents at this spot or have I been unlucky and just had the nutter of the day! For the record the fish stock in this Marina are almost non existent due to the over fishing of these sportsmen!!!!
  7. Just fill the bath lower your boat in it measure the water displaced and you have the weight!
  8. Does anyone know of a wiring diagram to install an audible alarm onto my smart gauge please. I've contacted Merlin who said they would send one but surprise they haven't. regards mike
  9. I thought this would be the case I just wanted to here the news from more knowledgeable source(s). Looks like battery charger on its own via my Honda then. Unless someone advises differently? Many thanks Mike
  10. Many thanks for your responses troops, still no wiser as to an authoritive decision, where's Gibbo when you need him?
  11. Is it a reasonable suggestion to supplement the existing alternator/ battery charging with additional input from an external battery charger supplied from my dometic alternator or would they balance each other out and I end up with the same charging rate? Engine Barrus 45 with 3 alternators and smartbank split charge system installed.
  12. I sense a big delay coming up for your Easter break if the weather improves. The towpath between these locks remains closed with access only by boat and a marina in the middle!!! To compound the problem you can only disembark going up at lock 6 via the bow and would then have to back off to allow the lock to be exited. The only ray of light (maybe) is that volunteer lock keepers start this Easter !!!
  13. CaRT has the Ashby down as closed from bridge 17. The "work" has now commenced but the area of inactivety is 400yds PAST Trinity Marina. The entrance to the Marina is regularly used as a winding hole so the Ashby is navigable up to this point for anyone wishing to visit or obtain Diesel etc. If you are out and about try the Simla Indian just by 17 the food is excellant.
  14. mikevye

    ashby canal

    The proposed stoppage at this location has not occured as yet and the ashby remains open af this time. The work is being undertaken by Trent Water which probably explains the late start. It is not the canal itself undergoing repair but a culvert running underneath it suffice to say that when the work commences my boat will be on very slack mooring lines!!!
  15. Many thanks for the info troops I can now go ahead with the project, not on my boat I hasten to add, that's why I needed to be sure. On another subject thanks for the help with bleeding the Yanmar 2QM15 engine Tony the vital ingredient was full throttle open which in my panic I had not done!
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