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  1. The service I have mentioned previously is still not written on the website because is still pre-launched services. We wanted to do some pre-research to see if it is viable before we launch it or put it on the website. Sorry, for the confusement I haded to ask my boss this today to be clear too. T.T . I just started this job for a week now by randomly encountering my boss in the middle of Trafalgar Square and I am still learning about the company 😂. We have different trade names and different activity in different countries and here in London and we started since 2012. Hope this clears things up.
  2. Sorry for not being clear in the first post. I will reintroduce myself and tell about our company and what we are doing. I am working in a company called infinity Nautical Services Limited and we are a new company based in London. As for our URL http://www.inslondon.com/index.php However, the information not 100% correct..we are a new company and still trying to establish our identity. the main purpose for us is to do survey of boats, that does not involve in the usage of crane. Rather it is able to lift the boat from water and still able to do survey or any check out for the boat. Currently I am a new designer for the company and I am in charge of user research and building up any services related to the product. For that, I want to able to do some user research. I am new to the boat and know almost nothing about it, until recently I start working in the company. Therefore I really want to understand boaters life. As for the interview will not be used for publication, I will be alone there will not be any crew. I just want to understand the life as a boater. The interview will be anonymous and mainly I want to use for interview to understand the pain and gain points of the current service. Too see if we are going on a right direction or anything we can improve. I wanted to film because I felt is nicer to look back a video to understand users feeling or situation rather than a plain voice. Once gain sorry for not being transparent about it, please forgive my rudeness. All the feedback really help me learn and grew as a person. Although I feel an interview might be difficult however I hope I can still talk to you all and ask for help in the future. If there are anyone has more questions or feedback please ask me:)
  3. Sorry Alan, sorry for not being transparent and made you felt misused or any other way. I just felt like I wanted to apologize to you separately.
  4. I see.... now that I read this..I can definitely feel why now... i am really sorry again...but thank you for taking your time for feedback. This is the first company that I started to work and is in startup.... I really was inexperienced. Although I know I lost a lot of trust points..but I will keep in mind and make sure I will not make same kind of mistake. Thank you for your feedback, only now I realize that I approached everyone in a wrong manner.
  5. Thank you so much Tony, yes everything will be anonymous and as for anyone else as well and of course delete upon request. The answers will not be used as a promotion but for user research (if you do not mind). I guess these were the parts I was not clear about...I feel really stupid now...but once again thank you. If you would tell me a good time and location I will love to come and speak to you.
  6. I see thank you for letting me know. I am once again sorry everyone, for not being clear of what I was putting and made people felt uncomfortable.
  7. I am not trying to hide anything, nor do I have anything to hide. If this topic made you felt uncomfortable in anyway I am sorry and for anyone else, and I can delete this topic.
  8. Is called Infinity Nautical Services It should take no more than one hour, however, I can understand if people do not like to be interviewed English is my native language but still struggle T.T I am way too dyslexia...but beer voucher sounds nice. I will take note to that Yes, we still are a new company and establishing our identity, however, we do want to focus on inland boat survey and maintenance Not sure, how I feel about putting someones social media on a forum...I understand is partly my fault for putting an email address but.... still Thank you Is okay, I will still love to talk to you about you and your boat. if you can tell me a time you are comfortable with. Thank you so much again XD
  9. Hi Everyone I would like to request an interview researching about life as a boat owner and how people take care of their boat. I am working in a small company about making boat surveying and maintenance easier and more efficient, such as not involving crane. I want to understand more about life as a boat owner such as; how they interact with their boat everyday, how people do their maintenance as well as their journey to prepare and do their survey. The interview should be about an hour and filmed (If allowed). At the end of the interview, we are also giving 10-pound amazon Gift CardIf anyone is interested please tell me at [email protected] If there are also any question please ask Thank you so much.
  10. Thank you!! everyone I now have a much better understanding of survey now Thank you so much.:)
  11. I just realize I don't have to reply everyone individually Thank you, everyone, I love how fast the community is! I thought I had to wait few days for a reply but turns out it was lighting fast XD
  12. Is there any other reason you think crane is better or dislike dry dock? Is the price different big between the two?
  13. Thank you so much IThank you so much is really useful, I will definitely check Tony out!
  14. Thanks for the super quick reply! If you don't carry out a survey, how do you do a check the condition of the boat of your own?
  15. I am a newbie at boat survey but I have a few questions about the survey. I saw that some people use dry dock others use the crane for a survey is there a difference? How regularly do you recommend doing a survey? Lastly is there a website or a place where I can learn to do my own maintenance of the boat? Thank you
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