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    As a lifetime user and sometime landlord of the great british pub I am used to having to pay top money for my guinness in Oxfordshire...........BUT I am at present at Cropredy on my way north and when here usualy go to the better of the two village pubs the Brasenose but last night with a friend ventured ( For the last time ) I hasten to add into the Red Lion nearer to the canal, it never has been too good but we were charged £3.90 per pint !!!!! Now that is extracting the urine. I hasten to add the pub remained virtualy empty in the 2 hours plus we were there and no wonder. Please let me know if there are any pubs to avoid like this in your patch........
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    "a Royal Wedding salute performed by historic canal boats" Gutted. My boat isn't historic. *snigger* From the comments: "What a fantastic way of showing the Royal Prince that Liverpudlians are united in celebration of his marriage to Kathy. Though there have been few applications for street parties, this will constitute a mammoth event that will bring out the very best in Merseyside community spirit. A 'ten day wedding knees-up' as it's being dubbed in the southern popular press - does it get any better!" How do I fit torpedoes on my narrowboat?
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    I watch this programme so I can have a good old moan and pick fault with it, nothing like a prolonged tut-tutting session. We all need something to hate in life so I give it a thumbs up.
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