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handling a 60ft boat alone


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I too am 63 and came aboard nearly two years ago. Need room for my kids and grandkids to stay to help me!! Hence 57 footer. Am just venturing out of the marina and so far had help...but the K and A is not easy with reedy banks....where are you??

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Hi Paul

I handle a 65ft widebeam on my own on the K and A without any problems. In fact, having a bigger boat in some ways makes it easier when I'm solo locking as I virtually fill the lock. I think you'll find that the canal infrastructure is far more relevant than the size of the boat. The only times I've ever got stuck have been to do with difficult lock gates (I'm quite small, sometimes you need a bit of weight behind them!).But there's always been a passer by willing to help push.

The important thing is to find your own gentle pace and not feel compelled to rush on account of other people. If I have impatient boaters behind me I just let them go first.

The other important thing is that you're going to have an absolutely fantastic time.Good for you seizing the day!

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Thanks for the encouragement hilaryb and tove. I haven't bought the boat yet, still waiting for funds from the sail of my house to be put in place, I'm in Portsmouth at the moment but intend to be on the K&A at some point, not sure where yet but a marina preferably to start with then a CCer

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