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  1. Sorry to say that it was reported by a reliable source that Allan passed away on the 19th June. I have no further information.
  2. "Gardner 4LK classic engine, PRM 500 gearbox" though ad is headed "Gadner Narrowboat engine" (yes, Gadner)! Price £3,500. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322286763883?clk_rvr_id=1106578683217&rmvSB=true Cheers
  3. Derbyshire police are hoping to be able to speak to the owners or occupiers of two boats which were at Whaley Bridge late September. The boats, called ‘Maggie-Anne’ and ‘Trojan’, were moored at the site where an incident took place. Link: http://www.derbyshire.police.uk/News-and-Appeals/News/2016/October/06-Oct-Witness-appeal-after-altercation-between-two-people-near-canal-boats.aspx Cheers
  4. If you do have to moor up in the flight the best place is on rings between 77 and 78. That's 8 locks up, leaving 13 for the next day. If you are solo you can ask CRT for assisted passage,book well in advance for a Tuesday only as I understand.
  5. No, because if an inexperienced narrow boater makes an error and two steel narrowboats collide there is likely to be little damage to the occupants. Same, probably, if two canoeists collide. A collision between a narrowboat and a canoe may have a different outcome!
  6. I fully accept the comments made relating to canoeists who are club members, school groups, etc., as generally, they know what they are doing and in the case of young adults/children there is normally at least one adult watching/supervising. But the article suggested to me that they want to encourage families (presumably with younger children) who mostly won't have much idea about anything related to narrow canals and will probably be concentrating on getting the canoe to go where they want. Quote from the article : "Canoeists of all ages and abilities will be able to take to the wate
  7. Following on from an earlier announcement of plans to "invest £1 million in improving the city's canal network to boost health and tourism", "Stoke-on-Trent City Council and its partners have created a 20-mile route providing paddlers with a unique perspective of the Trent & Mersey and Caldon canals" Story at http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/8203-20-mile-canoe-heritage-trail-is-launched-in-stoke-on-trent/story-29705624-detail/story.html I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand the more people can be encouraged to use the canals and towpaths, the better the chances for the networ
  8. Sorry, didn't make myself clear. I'm wanting a link (URL) to that information/notice as I can't find it on the BCC web site. Cheers
  9. The BCC web site is not very good imho. The message about no return within 28 days is at http://www.bridgewatercanal.co.uk/news/amendmentsforagreement That's a "news" page! Cheers
  10. Just to remove doubt, there is a minimum of 28 days after leaving the Bridgewater before returning for another "free" (reciprocal) 7 days. If you return earlier you are supposed to pay. I'm sure that was intended as a joke but in http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=85793 it is stated that the canal will be closed at bridge 56 Vicars Hall for almost 4 months from 31/10. I can't find this on the bridgewater canal website stoppages at http://www.bridgewatercanal.co.uk/boating/stoppages/default.aspx Anyone point me to the notice? Thanks.
  11. Just received notice. Extract : Notice Alert Kennet & Avon Canal Starts At: Lock 105, Fobney Lock Ends At: Lock 105, Fobney Lock Tuesday 9 August 2016 16:15 until further notice Type: Navigation Restriction Reason: Boat damage Original message: Fobney lock 105 is closed until further notice due to a sunken craft. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/9094/fobney-lock-105 Sad.
  12. Here is a story with a slightly different outcome for residential boat moorings in London :http://www.westendextra.com/houseboats-canal Couple of snippets - "Permission has just been granted by Westminster Council for the barges to be set up in a new mooring space in the Grand Union Canal at Admiral Walk in Carlton Gate, Maida Vale." "Carlton Gate is also a gated secure community which is the reason many of us moved here in the first place."
  13. I have done that a few times - e.g. two occasions going up Braunston. Being single handed I don't like sharing wide locks and not doing any of the lock work. If i meet another single handed boater I will suggest we breast the boats up. Second time I did this the other boater was Trevor Maggs on Corona, only I didn't know him or his history. I just thought he looked a bit feeble to be doing the locks! Little did I know! It took him about 30 secs to think about it before he agreed. So he steered and I worked the locks, Trevor doing his side once in the lock and me closing up after on both si
  14. Try:http://www.canalmuseum.org.uk/collection/family-history.htm http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/FamilyHistory.htm https://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/325-Canals-and-Waterways http://hnbc.org.uk/family-history Most point to other resources including mailinglist purely about boat people. Cheers, John
  15. If the inverter is switched on and an AC power source is present on the land line input, power assist should happen automatically when required. Not had opportunity to use this feature yet :-)
  16. !! I thought the "challenge" for Laurie on the BCN Challenge is to move as little as possible! :-)
  17. I did Roydon to Bulls Bridge solo in a very easy 4 days last year. Stopped at Enfield on the Lea, Victoria Park above locks on Hertford Union, Alperton on Paddington Arm and Bulls Bridge (outside Tesco). Uxbridge is only a short hop from there. Cheers
  18. If I have read correctly, you have looked at boats online but not in the flash, so to speak? If that is the case my advice would be to get out their and actually have a look at some boats. This is easiest done somewhere like Whilton Marina because there you ask to look at whatever boats you have previously identified online and they give you the keys so that you can go looking on your own. It means you can have a really good look and not have a broker/sales person looking over your shoulder all the time. You may well then recognise that boats in real life are not exactly as you perceiv
  19. Unless the process has changed since last August, when you licence on line you get access to a couple of pdfs - one is an invoice with all the boat and customer details and the other is a letter addressed to you which has two copies of your licence at the bottom for you to print yourself. However, they don't prove boat ownership, just add to other evidence available. Cheers
  20. Fuel boat site and diesel prices site both give an email address to submit info. Sue's No Problem diesel splits page asks you to complete the comment box at the bottom of the page. HTH Cheers
  21. Yes, I forgot to add that all these sites rely on boaters sending in updates. Cheers
  22. These may help : Fuel Boats info http://www.lock13.co.uk/boats/coaldiesel.htm Diesel prices http://diesel.fibrefactory.co.uk/ Split and declarations http://noproblem.org.uk/blog/where-to-buy-diesel/ Cheers
  23. Did almost all of the BCN last year, Feb & March. Only trouble was boat was frozen in top of Ryders for a week and two young lads crossing a bridge over the Wyrley thought it might be a good idea to climb over the side and jump onto the roof of my boat. They changed their mind when I took the camera out and took a picture of them.
  24. Usually puts his schedule on the company Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GravenorBoatingCompany/
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